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Capricorn: Life And Relationships

Find out more about the family, friends and love relationships of a Capricorn

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Capricorn’s own brand is his great ambition.

Find out what Capricorn natives are like in their private life, their family and friendship relations, as well as the love relationships of the Goat of the horoscope, the tenth sign of the zodiac.

Ruled by Saturn, the god of time, and the limits marked by its impressive rings, this planet provides this earth sign its conservative, strict and also persevering character, which are three of Capricorn’s main characteristics that push him towards his most ambitious goals and help him achieve them. Let’s find out what Capricorn’s life is like.


Private life

Perseverance, ambition, discipline, patience, all these attributes (and many more) are essential elements of Capricorn’s life. 

As a good representative of their ruling planet, Saturn, Capricorn natives are characterized by a Saturnian lifestyle. What does this mean exactly? It suggests that their great achievements, the fulfilment of their most ambitious dreams and the achievement of their highest objectives usually happen in the second half of their life, at older ages.

They perfectly represent the spirit of the careful farmer, as well as his lifestyle: for long periods of time, they work in a disciplined way the ground on which they will sow their best seeds (which are carefully chosen) while, with unparalleled rigour, they look after their crops over the following months and years, so that, when the time comes, they can reap their best fruits and truly enjoy them.

Likewise, Capricorn is the perfect complement to the clever entrepreneur: although his mind is not the most creative one, he has the ability to lay unwavering foundations for other people’s brilliant ideas in order to develop them in a realistic way and manage to achieve them.

Family and friends

The search for and the building of a solid, strong and, at the same time, complex life structure, which gives them the security they long for so much, will become the common thread that connects the beginning and the end of their life. While their relatives, close friends and other people from their close social circle are part of this great work that is constantly developed over the years, the truth is that Capricorn natives do not seem to be particularly aware of the weight of their personal relationships in their life story.

Besides, the Goat of the zodiac is one of those people who find it difficult to open up and devote themselves to their emotional attachments, because they first need to be very sure that the person to whom they give their affection actually deserves it, whether that person is a family member or close friend. 

Just as the other earth signs, Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn represents perseverance, effort and the appreciation of material things, but at a higher level among the earth signs. Capricorn’s own brand is his great ambition, especially when it comes to achieving a high social and economic status, a path which does not go particularly well with the development of the most authentic personal relationships.

In fact, their ambition can become so extreme that, in pursuit of their goals, they could, when the time comes, get past anyone: co-workers, friends and family included.

Therefore, it is important to remember that, when the natives of this earth sign set a target, it does not matter what the target is, it is better to move away from their path, for they will knock over anyone who stays in the way of what they long for so much.

Love relationships

The natives of this zodiac sign have a way of understanding love relationships that will not agree with everyone. They are probably more related to those of their same zodiac sign or with Taurus and Virgo people (with whom they share the earth element) because they are all guided by the rational side more than the emotional one (in love too). That is why they tend to focus on (although not so much fall in love with) people with high social status.

When it comes to being responsible, they are the best, but they are not the life of the party: excessively serious, indifferent and stuck in their ways, they can define themselves masters of boredom. The positive part when it comes to this is that they are usually stable and try to take care of their bond with their partner since they think of building long-term relationships. While they may be less spontaneous in their love relationships than many would like, they are certainly committed to providing what gives reliability to the idea of being a couple.

For this earth sign, betting for a relationship is a decision that has to be emphatically considered, because, for them, it is not just a matter of giving love, but of investing their time and energies in a person with the intention of developing a solid relationship (like all their life structures). That is why, at first, they tend to show their coldest side, which will gradually warm up and become more passionate over time and during the development of the emotional bond.

It is important to remember that Capricorn natives take everything as a competition, even the emotional aspects, which distorts their essential meaning, as winning the heart of the person with whom they wish to have a relationship. Unfortunately, sex also seems to be one of those fields in which the most important thing for them is to congratulate themselves.

However, it is also true that, if they do not find the person who meets their unquestionable requirements, they will prefer to continue on their own rather than share their life with someone who does not live up to their high expectations.

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