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Sagittarius: Life And Relationships

Find out more about the private life of Sagittarius here

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Sagittarius: Life And Relationships

Find out about Sagittarius’ private life: the family and friendship relations of the Archer of the horoscope, and, of course, the way the ninth sign of the zodiac deals with love relationships.

It is important to remember that this sign is ruled by Jupiter, the great benefactor and master of growth, the star that feeds the Centaur’s curiosityand adventurous spirit, who is an incorrigible optimist that aims his arrow at the very stars, since all of that will influence the way Sagittarius sees life.

Private life

If you are wondering about Sagittarius’ life, think about the typical representation of this zodiac sign: whether it is a galloping Centaur or a horsewoman, what is clear is that adventure and intense experiences are his thing. Besides, if they are armed with a bow and arrow to aim at their goals, you can be sure that they will always aim at the best, for their goals are high, as is their desire for growth and personal development.

Not only is their ambition to expand their knowledge and satisfy their thirst for learning high, but they also have high self-confidence and a great ability to assess facts. Sagittarius is certainly the most optimistic of the zodiac signs, but that attitude about life seems to work out well since luck truly seems to be always on their side.

The Archer of the zodiac (always restless) loves trips, as well as all the deep experiences that can be used to develop his own spirit. The natives of this sign see no obstacles where others do, which makes Sagittarius people great entrepreneurs of any of the ideas that cross their path, their mind or their heart.

If they want something, they go for it without a second thought! The problem arises when they also plunge into their riskier ideas like a kamikaze, since not always everything will come out well. However, their ability to overcome their failures is remarkable, as they are always willing to try again with the same energy or even more.


Family and friends

When it comes to the close circle of this zodiac sign, it is common to think of Sagittarius as a sort of Peter Pan, for his spirit remains young throughout his life. The natives of this sign have a sense of humour capable of refreshing all social circles, something that is highly appreciated by those who are lucky enough to have them in their lives, either as friends or family.

They are honest and direct to the point of being sometimes so honest that it hurts and quite bigmouth too, but you will certainly never have to doubt their honesty. There is nothing that Sagittarius hides, especially to their loved ones.

They are open, sociable and generous people, who bring joy to those around them. As they love to turn any everyday situation into something special, they will make use of their creativity to surprise whoever they want, turning the most simple gesture into something exceptional.

However, good old Sagittarius also has flaws: they can be immature and irresponsible, and they are capable of disappearing in those situations that require their help, their presence or their commitment.

Sometimes, since they are so honest, their lack of tact can hurt the people around them, no matter how much they care about them. That is why it is important to remember that there is no bad faith in their words, only clumsiness in making things clear.

Moreover, just as their verbal impulses backfire on them, their risky actions, when they act without thinking, can also catch up with them and lead to consequences.

Love relationships

As a fire sign, they are characterized by an invigorating nature filled with expansive energy. However, by being the third and last of this element, it also represents the most developed, sophisticated and spiritual version of it.

As a good representative of the fire element, the beginning of their love affairs is usually pure fire, undeniable intensity and tireless passion: not suitable for heart patients. The only drawback is that they are not always able to keep that interest in their partner for too long.

As Sagittarius tends to get bored quickly, the people who share their lives with this passionate sign must be able to keep his interest alive and in continuous renewal. That is why the perfect partner for Sagittarius is someone who complements that aspect: there is nothing like an active mind filled with original ideas to keep this zodiac sign’s fire burning.

This sign’s positive, benevolent and sociable character, at times perhaps overconfident, never goes unnoticed wherever they go. Their sparkling and passionate energy can make them experience moments of glory and achieve dreams that for others are unthinkable.

However, sometimes, they will have to face great disappointments, but they will take it as the price to be paid in order to defy routine in pursuit of their dreams. If there is something that Sagittarius is good at, that is to live in the moment and make the most of life, freely and with absolute spontaneity. When it comes to love too.

Emotionally speaking, Sagittarius natives are likely to fall in love quickly, as they also find it easy to use their natural charm and great charisma to win the heart of whoever they want. However, just anyone will not do; since it will be essential for them to feel that their partner is also their accomplice and that they can share with that person everything they experience. If it is also a person who shares the same need for freedom that characterizes them, who is not at all jealous and has a great sense of humour, then that person will be the perfect life partner of this zodiac sign.

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