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Pisces: Life And Relationships

Discover more about the private life of Pisces: family, friends and love relationships

Woman reading next to a whale.
Pisces’ life is an ode to creativity.

Intuitive and often dreamy, Pisces’ life is an ode to creativity. They are altruistic people, capable of giving up their own benefits if that improves the situation of those around them.

They are good musicians, designers, lawyers, architects and vets, among other professions, which they use for their need to change other people's lives.

Pisces’ life is full of sympathy and work, dedication and reliability. If you have a problem, do not hesitate to ask a native of this sign for help; they will help you solve it.


Private life

Pisces’ psychic abilities exceed those of the rest of the signs. Their life is marked by intuition, they follow their instincts, they trust themselves, and even if, at first, they do not, they learn how to do it because they understand that their intuition is usually right.

Since they develop their spiritual side, sometimes, they can become addicted to some drugs or alcohol, thinking that these bring out that side of their soul. Narcotics can also be linked to their fear of conflict and unstable self-esteem.

They can be capricious and their mood can instantly change,  without even realizing it. They do not usually care about money too much. They focus on their goals and will try to invest their savings to achieving them. Therefore, they can show a dual nature. Sometimes, they spend money in a quite impulsive way, although they can also be very cheap.

Family and friends

For Pisces, friends are important, but on their agenda, you will not find two identical people. They like variety when it comes to their friends; they know how to enjoy very different characters and they adapt to all of them very easily. Undoubtedly, they are very friendly and expect nothing in return from their contacts. They blend into their environment, add their experiences and develop great sympathy.

Pisces’ life is full of empathy  and they know how to express it in a clear way. They are very sensitive and capable of feeling other people’s pain. Their ruling planet is Neptune, which makes them have a very good intuition, which is sometimes combined with artistic talent. As it was said before, Pisces can be good musicians due to that planet’s connection to this discipline. Usually, they will reveal their musical preferences in the early stages of their life.

Pisces’ friends praise their wisdom and tolerance, although they do not know exactly how to define their personality since the Fish also have a mysterious aura. When they do not see something completely clear, they are mysterious and elusive. When they are happy, they feel extremely euphoric, and when they are sad, they feel extremely depressed. 

The role of the family for Pisces is vital,  as they tend to complain about themselves and so, they need strong family support to stay afloat. Although they are not cowards, their sensitivity makes them run away from situations in which they are forced to show their strength and to compete.

Love relationships 

Astrology points out that, when it comes to love relationships, Pisces have great compatibility for marriage and relationships in general with Virgo natives, because they easily understand their character, incorrigible as well as romantic.

In love, Pisces present themselves as a loyal and gentle sign, who show great generosity towards their partner. As lovers, they are excessively passionate and sensual, and they strive to achieve an authentic connection with their partners.

They look for long-lasting relationships; playing the field is not characteristic of the last sign of the zodiac. They blindly believe in love, and that is why they describe themselves as loyal and loving people. They enjoy laughing; if you make them laugh, you will win their heart! They also like to please and give love and fall in love with people who open their hearts to them without hiding anything. However, it is unlikely that they will fall head over heels for someone on a first date, although honesty will lead to close the connection.

Some of Pisces’ best traits are their sensitivity, sympathy and kindness. They easily understand their partner’s needs and, if they can, they will help them. They never get tired of helping their loved ones and, sometimes, they sense their needs before their loved ones even notice them. 

They are very sensitive to lies and manipulation and do not forget or forgive easily. If someone broke their heart in the past, they will find it hard to reopen to another person who comes into their life in search of a relationship. Although their outward appearance is serene, they usually fight against their emotions. They enjoy conversations about spiritual and supernatural matters.

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