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Gemini: Life and Relationships

Discover everything you want to know about the private life of Gemini

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Gemini: Life and Relationships | Magic Horoscope

We'll discover what Gemini is like in their personal life, what family and friendship relationships of the horoscope twins are like, as well as how to bring relationships to the third sign of the Zodiac.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods, it confers great communication skills, skill for negotiation and also for trade to this sign of air, which finds in short trips and in face-to-face encounters its perfect opportunity to express its light. A Gemini’s thing is social skills and they know how to use it masterfully with their vast social environment.

But not all that glitters is gold, so let's not forget that among the characteristics of Gemini are also its two sides. We’ll reveal to you all about the life of this star sign.

The Life of Gemini

Men or women, what does gender matter in this case? Gemini's life is tremendously restless, curious and interactive. They will not miss the opportunity to take their most sociable side and squeeze every opportunity possible to meet people. Their mind doesn't stop, and neither do they.

They have a great ability to communicate, mainly orally, although they complement with their rich theatrical gesture their tremendous expressiveness. Few are able to transmit through words what a Gemini can.

There are those who consider them the king or queen of the party, for in a short time they manage to get hold of all the people who are in their environment. Their extensive interests and social skills facilitate their fluid exchange with which they conquer in an extremely natural way.

Family and friends

To talk about their social relations, the family and friends of this zodiac, it is essential to remember that Gemini is the first and best representative of the three air signs,  completing the trio of this element together with his brothers Libra and Aquarius. Those born under this horoscope carry the essence of the wind itself running through their veins: they are restless, witty and fickle, they are known to be a mental whirlwind full of ideas to express (although not always able to realize them) and are shown as creative spirits whose communicative spirit becomes a hallmark.

Like the wind, they find meaning in their existence in the realization of their short and frequent journeys, representing the movement of their own element, the air. For them travelling means living, because it is not so much the length of the displacement itself. But the experiences they gain by meeting others in their life in different situations

Family reunions and crowded social events, in which they establish multiple interactions with each other, would be a clear example of this.  For this reason, we could say that Gemini would perfectly represent the archetypes of the trader or of skilful public relations of the zodiac wheel.

But let us not forget that the zodiac twins hide in their life the duality of their personality: they have a double side, almost a double identity because they are characterized by aspects so different in their two positions that would seem radically opposed to each other. Hence they can sin as liars more often than their surroundings would like (and even more than they themselves would like). Therefore, Gemini's family and friends will sometimes doubt their credibility and the consistency of their trust.

What are love relationships like for Gemini?

If you wonder what Gemini is like in love and how they unfold in their relationships, let's start by mentioning an essential requirement of the person who would conquer them: This person must have high language skills and varied conversation allotments with which to feed his insatiable communicative appetite. In essence, an attractive mind so that everything else in that person makes sense to him.

That is why it is often difficult to (really) captivate the heart of a Gemini person: the connector thread will be the word in its most exquisite, skilful or ingenious version because if there is something this sign loves, it is to be able to spend hours and hours talking. And what better way to really get to know the person with which to share their life than by talking about a thousand and one themes, and philosophizing deeply?

Their "multiple faces" make them, more than any other sign, authentically multifaceted, and their interests so varied make it difficult to satisfy their desires to exchange conversation with a single person... unless that person is like them: with such a restless mind and their need for constant change. For that reason, Gemini requires a couple that is commensurate and almost tailor-made.

This person should be active and adaptable to their plan changes as if it were a wind-licking vane blowing at every moment. Someone who in turn allows you to explore freely where curiosity drags you, without dramas or jealousy... that's why it's best to abstain from possessive or overly emotionally intense people if they don't want to suffer in this relationship.

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