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Virgo: Life And Relationships

Find out more about the private life of a Virgo

Life of a Virgo
Virgo: Life And Relationships | Magic Horoscope
Find out what Virgo is like in her private life: her family and friends as well as the love relationships of the Maiden of the horoscope, the sixth zodiac sign.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, which provides this zodiac sign with great analytical skills, Virgo knows how to make the most of them (as well as of her methodical style) in pursuit of the perfection she seeks in her undertakings. But this is not everything. So, let’s find out more about Virgo’s life.

Private life

It is clear that Virgo’s private life depends on her ruling planet, since Mercury, the messenger of the gods, represents to a great extent the mental abilities that characterize this earthy sign.

Virgo represents perfection in every single detail, a careful analysis of every situation she experiences, the firm concentration until she finds the point of excellence that satisfies her, which is placed at a very high level above average anyway. 

As a good representative of this element, Virgo is characterized by the quest for what provides security to her life, which is represented by tangible and realistic objectives, into which she throws herself with her methodical style, great interest and extreme perfectionism (her own trademark).

Like the other earthy elements, Taurus and Capricorn, Virgos are people with their feet on the ground, perhaps in an excessive way, which makes them focus on the materialistic side of life, often with disregard for what feeds their spirit and their emotions. 

They are natural, disciplined and stubborn workers, obsessed with pushing hard in life, although always with their feet on the ground. However, in order to get some balance, they should allow themselves to dream from time to time as well as to step out from that comfort zone which is represented by their control of everything. Their acceptance of the uncertainty and imperfection of their existence will be one of the greatest challenges they will face in their life.


Family and friends

Due to their character, Virgo natives convey reliability and confidence to those around them. Both their family and closest friends know for sure that when this zodiac sign takes care of something important for them, they can relax. If they are determined to achieve something, they will end up doing it and they will do it wonderfully. They like to think that they have constancy and an ability to figure out the right path, which will help them achieve their most ambitious goals and also those of their loved ones. 

Virgo’s communicative style, even though it is not to everyone’s taste, is clear and precise,  without margin for error. This is something of great value for those who like to be around people that are truly reliable and disciplined, both professionally and personally.

However, what for some is a great virtue, for others is reason enough to keep a person at bay. In that sense, Virgo has a hard time connecting with anyone who seeks diplomacy, because, even if there is no communicative style more clear and explicit than hers, Virgo’s lack of tact and critical style drives many people away.

For that same reason, as soon as their characteristic irony shows up, and despite the fact that it denotes intelligence and a sense of humor somewhat special, people are likely to get away, especially all those involved in their veiled criticism.

Just as every coin is two-sided, so is Virgo’s emotional and familiar life. Their attitude towards life in general (and personal relationships in particular) turns out to be somewhat extreme, something that can lead to social isolation.

Love relationships

If you wonder how Virgos are like when it comes to love, you should know that  they are particularly strict, critical and perfectionist. Since they are very demanding, they do not get involved in many love affairs. The expectations of this zodiac sign towards the person who could win their heart will make it quite a feat to find someone special. That is, for Virgo to really consider that person special.

As they are extremely rational beings, they do not feel so easygoing when it comes to expressing their feelings: their emotional side is less spontaneous than their ability to measure and evaluate situations from a logical point of view. But that does not mean that they do not have feelings. Virgos can have a tender heart, which they try to protect at all costs in order not to suffer. That is why they cling to the more tangible side of life, where they feel more confident and able to develop things.

However, when they find someone who makes their heart beat faster, they will first do their best to get to that person by drawing up the perfect plan to achieve what they have proposed. Then, if they can win a place in the heart of that person, it will mean that they will have the luck to discover the warmer side of the seemingly unshakeable Virgo.

Their ideal of love? As they say: “different strokes for different folks”. But what is clear is that their conservative, classic and moderate mindset is also applied in their choice of partner. Discretion, commitment and an opinion on life similar to their own are three of the traits that are greatly valued by this earthy sign, as well as the ingredients essential for building a long-lasting and intimate relationship.

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