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Scorpio: Life and Relationships

Find out more about the private life of the scorpion: family, friends and love relationships

Woman with a rose and a scorpion on her neck.
Scorpio: Life and Relationships | Magic Horoscope

Scorpio's life is ruled by the planet Pluto,  which is the planet of transformation and regeneration. The natives of this sign of the zodiac are known for their calm and detached behaviour, as well as for a mysterious side that fills Scorpio's family and friends with intrigue. They are enigmatic and dynamic individuals, who experience any situation with a lot of passion,  who usually have a strong will and sometimes extreme opinions.

In this report of the Magic Horoscope, we will delve into the profile of those born between October 23 and November 22, analyzing  what Scorpio's life is like, especially through his relationships with family and friends.

Scorpio's Life

Scorpions are self-confident, determined people who investigate their surroundings to achieve the purest  truth. Scorpio's life is driven towards leadership, they know how to command intelligently even though they also know how to adapt to any situation.

Astrology reveals that Scorpio's life is the most misunderstood of all the signs of the zodiac, for its natives are full of intensity and also contradictions. You need to have everything under control, know every detail of what's going on near them... and also far away. They are endowed with a great capacity for observation.

They have a very spiritual side, and it is easy to  be interested in paranormal sciences, occultism, mysteries, even in conspiracy theories. In short, in all kinds of mysteries, something that fits with their enigmatic aura. Part of that image they project is a consequence of their hidden motives, as they prefer not to show all the cards that they have their hand.

Many point to the Scorpio as ferocious people, probably because they understand the rules of the universe very well. They hate the lack of honesty and are very jealous: they tend to suspect everything and everyone. In Scorpio's life, something that highlights is how much of its natives may seem older than they really are.

Scorpio's life in the workplace is marked by professions of management, creation and resolutions of problems. Since a goal has been set in your mind, you will not give up until you achieve it, at all costs. Their comprehensive profile makes them great scientists, competent managers, good cops or detectives, psychologists and even cooks.

However, don't expect to become lifelong friends if you have a Scorpio as a co-worker; they don't usually mix work and friendship,  although they will always respect you (and therefore, they'll expect to be respected).

Family and friends

As already stated, Scorpio is a person with leadership skills, and therefore, they usually have many friends. Their power is magnetic because they are brave, they call things for what they really are and they don't shrink in the face of adversity.

Friends for Scorpio are marked by the qualities of honesty and justice. They are very intelligent and feel better in the company of spiritual and fun people.

Friends for Scorpio are scarred by lasting relationships. Attention: if you fail them once, you may find yourself on a path of no return. And they are very emotional men and women when they feel pain, it will be a very arduous mission to make them feel better.

Life will constantly test these natives, and they will have to channel energy into positive goals. They will have to be strong not to fall into harmful and greedy temptations. It is better to not awaken their manipulative side, for they are able to convince anyone of anything.

The Scorpio family enjoys a successful and happy way of life, with a clean conscience. They are very dedicated and care for their loved ones. They can be trusted, so they also receive more affection from their children, parents and siblings.

What are relationships like for Scorpio?

Scorpio is a sign of water and lives to discover and express feelings. For them, they are very important, although as already indicated above, they have an ability to project an aura of mystery whenever they can. And their way of manifesting emotions is different from that of other signs of water,  and they will always keep his secrets, whatever they may be.

In astrology, this sign stands out as the most sensual; they are a torrent of passion, and they are jealous of their intimacy. They manage their romantic relationships with a dose of honesty and intelligence.

Once they have fallen into the networks of love, they are faithful people, they strive to improve the relationship and  know how to respect decisions very well. However, sometimes they need a lot of time to build trust in their partner. They are usually compatible with the signs of Cancer and Pisces, as they have the same level of sensitivity and focus on life. With those who fit the least, as a rule, it is with Aquarius and with Leo, with whom they would have to make a lot of efforts to achieve minimum compatibility.

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