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Leo: Life and Relationships

Find out more about the private life of Leos: family, friends and love relationships

A lion and a lioness
Leo: Life and Relationships | Magic Horoscope

We’ll discover what Leo is like in his personal life, everything you'd like to know about the family and friendship relationships of the horoscope lion,  as well as how to proceed when you are in a couple. At the moment we give you a hint: Leo, the fifth sign of the Zodiac is ruled by the Sun, the luminous and undisputed star king around which others revolve... does that way of being sound familiar to you? We’ll tell you more.

Leo's life

For those who wonder what Leo's life is like, they must take into account who the king of the jungle themself is: them, them and them. And if there is one trait that characterizes the charming lion of the zodiac, it’s its egocentrism and need for prominence.

The natives of this sign know that wherever they go they capture the attention of all those around them and, like the actor on stage who draws on the applause of his audience, Leo feeds on arousing admiration in those around  him. They are aware of the charisma that characterizes them, and it is because of this trait that the king of the horoscope can also boast of being very sociable and having an extroverted character that makes it easier for them to establish new personal bonds.

Family and friends

To understand how to cultivate your personal relationships, it is important to consider  two aspects of Leo's personality that stand out as authentic virtues: his noble spirit and his unquestionable generosity. They have an ability to give their all, something undeniably admirable. And if you matter to a Leo, know that they will completely give themselves to you. It must also be acknowledged that their heart is full of good intentions and genuine nobility that are difficult to find.

Something in which the zodiac lion also stands out, is in its role as protector, because when it comes to taking care of his own, all those who make up their innermost circle, be their partners, their children, their family or their best friends,  Leo behaves like the king of the jungle, enthusing to maintain that welfare of his protégés as if it was the greatest treasure.

But it is not gold all that shines when it comes to the glare of this sign of fire. So accustomed to being the centre of attention they are, Leo often sins of a remarkable narcissism that makes him feel like the navel of the world. Therefore, despite being warm in their forms and in closeness, because of their egocentrism they lack empathy to understand the way others feel.

And when conflicts arise because of that lack of understanding between the zodiac lion and its surroundings, his ill-gotten leonine pride can lead to irreconcilable estrangements and ruptures,  by being unable to descend from his pedestal to humbly apologise when they are the ones who are wrong.

What are love relationships like for Leo?

For a sign of fire as is Leo, in love, it is essential to take into account the nature of its element. Leo is the second of the three signs of fire of the zodiac, thus representing a more evolved version than Aries  (the most primary and instinctive of the fiery element) and that aspect gives him some more emotional traits compared to him.

The fire element, in this case, permeates him with a light that makes him visible wherever he is, something that naturally grants him a privileged position which elevates him above the rest of the people who cannot escape his spell. And this trait is something that Leo knows how to exploit very well because while being aware that this aspect brings him closer to others, they take advantage of the ease of connection to show the warmth that they also give off naturally, and finish conquering whomever they want using the warmth of his element.

In the realm of love and couple relationships, the Leos also know that they have the same magnetism as the star that governs them and attract around them anyone who crosses with their charm,  in the same way, that the sun itself achieves with the planets that orbit it. And it's hard to escape that light and that exuberant leonine warmth. They know that that person who turns him on will worship him. and there's nothing a Leo wants more than knowing he's loved.

On a sexual level, there is only one time for Leo: the present, and if the opportunity arises to enjoy a good time, he will do so without  thinking, letting himself be carried away by his most basic instincts and without thinking about what will happen next... although that's something that could bring you some headache after the moment of effusiveness.

Leo will always seek to capture the exclusive attention of his partner or the person he likes, he will be very competitive with anyone who could shade or try,  so he always ends up bringing out his many virtues to entice it at any price. If he succeeds, he will be very happy, but if not, the majestic lion of the zodiac sinks and will try by all means to achieve its purpose.

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