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The African Horoscope

Discover the African zodiac's signs and their main traits

Two africans, one handing comeone to the other
Natives of the Kola Nut African astrology sign are happy and optimistic.

The African continent his its own kind of astrology called the African zodiac that makes it the guardian of a peculiar horoscope that's made up of a dozen signs, like the western horoscope, that is also determined by the day of birth of the individual.

This African Horoscope comes from the observation of human traits and qualities  and was part of an oral tradition for centuries, passed from generation to generation. So, through signs associated with people and everyday elements, this current allows each individual to better understand themselves and how to control their destiny based on their sign.

The Signs of the African Horoscope

African astrology uses symbols that form the base of the culture and African traditions: sacred nature, family, daily life... Every sign corresponds with a symbol from day to day life on this continent.

Baobab (4 January - 3 February)

The Baobab African zodiac sign is considered to be one of the strongest  since it's said that natives of Baobab are firm, stable, and strong, like this tree which has been said to be invincible. They have the resources to conquer, resist, and stand the test of time,  since they have the gift of self-confidence. Integrity, honesty, reflection, and cleverness in business give this sign of the African Horoscope a well-structured and prosperous life.

The Wealth of Amber (4 February - 5 March)

The Wealth of Amber is characterized as an African astrology sign that blesses its natives with a foolproof sense of morality, although a bit of rebelliousness as well, and an instinct that stands out from the rest. These are adventurous people, always open to embarking on a quest, but that aren't known to be methodical and organized. They are highly passionate about material goods, and this could lead them to get lost on the wrong path. 

Family (6 March - 4 April)

Is your sign Family according to the African Horoscope?  Then it can be confirmed that you're an altruistic human-oriented person that lives to do the best thing for those around you whenever you can. Some of your main strengths are solidarity, empathy, and harmony. As implied by the name, it's logical to think that for natives of this sign, the family will always be their safe haven in which they will always be met with warmth and generosity. 

Love Every Day (5 April - 4 May)

This sign could be considered the most beneficial of the African zodiac because those born under this sign always know what to do and how to do it all of the time. They have the wisdom to be right, and they know which way the wind blows.  Members of this sign are witty and they use this to help others. You can always count on this sign, and this makes them a responsible figure and a good advisor, and they have to learn to say no so that others don't take advantage of their kindheartedness.

The Market (5 May - 4 June)

Those that belong to The Market sign are stable people with calm and prosperous lives, although they tend to be a bit impulsive, that means they sometimes waste their energy without moderation and for any reason at all. It could be said that the Market is hurt easily since this is the kind of person that reacts quickly, and these fast reactions mean that they don't always act wisely. Natives of this sign are driven by fear, love, or other dark thoughts, and need to control their emotions if they want to avoid ruining things.


The Ancestor (5 June - 4 July)

The Ancestor presents itself as a powerful sign that easily imposes itself over others due to its strength, charm, and wisdom, that can lead members of this sign to manipulate those that they have close to them in order to get what they want for themselves. Throughout their lifetime,  this African astrology sign needs to learn to interact with their environment, and not just push things to go the way that they please. These are individuals that will become wise if they are generous and altruistic, and through doing this they can become recognized and respected; an abuse of power, on the other hand, would keep them from reaching this goal. 

The Judge (5 July - 4 August)

For the Judge, according to the African Horoscope, understanding and listening to others is an important part of their life and most primitive desires. These are people that could be of great help at certain moments since they are born to mediate with charisma, brought by their great sense of duty and good conscience. Their willpower, drive, authority, and initiative are the active powers that natives of this sign possess, that sometimes long for alone time and that can display egotistical traits.

The Kola Nut (5 August - 3 September)

This is one of the African zodiac signs that is the happiest and most optimistic, with a big appetite when it comes to taste each bite that life has to offer them. With their sensual powers and a pinch of greed, these are people that know how to have fun, although sometimes they cross lines that they shouldn't. Pleasure and sex could be their demise, and they have to deal with their passion masterfully to avoid falling into mistakes. 

The Traveler (4 September - 3 October)

Were you born between 4 September and 3 October? According to the African Horoscope, you are a curious being with a certain versatility and an open mind that's interested in everything that's different and that breaks the routine.  Anything new attracts you and awakens your hopes and dreams,  although this can also take you away from the people that love you. The art of managing your emotions isn't your strong point, and you shouldn't let yourself be devoured by these circumstances.

The Distance (4 October - 3 November)

The Distance brings natives of this sign characteristics of a dreamer and the tendency to escape dilemmas and problems. If you're a member of this African astrology sign, dealing with difficult situations isn't your strong suit, although you can learn to do this with a certain amount of dexterity. You know how to move forward in life, and  you don't like to leave things for tomorrow that you could do today.  Making an effort to be more realistic and coming up with tangible goals will help you to find the path to success in life.

Child of the World (4 November - 3 December)

A sign with child-like ways that makes most of its qualities similar to those of the little ones: naïve, lively, honest, spontaneous, among others. Thanks to the natives of Child of the World, you can bring luck to your life in certain circumstances, and they can also bring about lucky encounters. These are sociable, faithful individuals that are gifted in communication, astute and agile negotiators that live surrounded by the affection that they deserve.

The Harvest and the Granary (4 December - 3 January)

Natives of The Harvest and the Granary African zodiac seem to be one of the luckiest and most prosperous of the signs, due to their natural energy and spirit to take the initiative. It is written in their destiny that  they are born to be successful and they know how to make the most of this not only to obtain riches but also wisdom and generosity since they enjoy making the lives of others more pleasant. Their future tends to be favourable although sometimes it doesn't seem this way, and because of this, they need to act without hesitation in the face of great opportunities.

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