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The Mayan Horoscope

All you need to know: what is this ancestral horoscope and which are the signs related to it

The Mayan culture used to believe that history was cyclical and that night-sky gazing was fundamental to organize their lives in accordance to solar and lunar cycles. By way of the stars and a highly detailed numbering system they could predict the rains and the droughts, but also the influence of the stars on one’s personality. And so was the Mayan Horoscope born. Do you know how many signs the Mayan Horoscope has?  Do you know which one is your one? In this article we tell you all about it.

What is the Mayan Horoscope?

The Mayan culture was an ancestral civilization that for two thousand years occupied the area of what today is Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Costa Rica. Among the pre-Columbian cultures it was the most advanced, their strongest point being their art and their architectures, but also their highly developed astrological and mathematical systems.

In the Mayan culture, night-sky gazing was crucial for their material and spiritual life. By way of star prediction, Mayans could not only organize their harvests and foresee their food provision, but they also kept alive a number of beliefs and superstitions that kept their community and individuals together.

Mayans had two calendars. The HaabCafric calendar gave them the 365 days of the year common in our current almanac, whereas the sacred Tzol calendar included 260 days. The merging of both gave way to the Mayan Horoscope, a system based on the solar and lunar relationship where 13 moons a year are registered.

Each of these 13 moons corresponds to a different sign with specific features and enjoy the symbol and name of some animals that lived in the area the Mayans inhabited.

The sings in the Mayan Horoscope: which is your one?

The Mayan calendar is cyclical and is organized in 13 lunar cycles of 28 days of length. Each lunar cycle is represented by a symbol with specific connotations. Find out which your sign in the Mayan Horoscope is.

Monkey (10 January – 6 February)

Those born under the sing of the Monkey in the Mayan Horoscope are generally optimistic and enjoy a great capacity to overcome setbacks. They weather hardships skillfully and they make the most of each situation to get stronger. They are highly imaginative, which benefits their innate original creativity. Their spirit is guided by their thirst for freedom.

According to Mayan Horoscope predictions for 2020 the sing of the Monkey is going to live their love life more positively. Those born under this sign are also going to take on new responsibilities at work. Unfortunately, they will suffer considerable ailments in their immune system.

Falcon (7 February – 6 March)

What is the Falcon sing like in the Mayan Horoscope? Those born under this sign are bold and very supple, both physically and mentally, and they often show a readiness for sacrifice to attain the goals they have set for themselves. Besides, they have a strong personality, which conduces them to leadership positions in the social and the professional spheres alike.

In 2020, according to the Mayan Horoscope, the sign of the Falcon should keep their independence if they are in a romantic relationship. It’s going to be an ideal year to take themselves to the next stage and upgrade themselves at work. No major ailments are going to afflict them.

Jaguar (7 March – 6 April)

Those born under the sign of the Jaguar in the Mayan Horoscope are faithful and affectionate. They usually have very good friends. However, the salient trait in their personality is their independence as they have a very strong personality and they can easily stand on their own. They are born go-getters, but they are also very stubborn and sometimes a little smug.

The challenge for those under the sign of the Jaguar in the Mayan Horoscope for 2020 is about keeping jealousy under control. Their emotional instability can have negative consequences on their health, although it’s going to be a very beneficial year at work.

Fox (4 April – 1 May)    

Those born under the sing of the Dog or the Fox stand out for their intelligence. They enjoy a great capacity to work out puzzles and they are guided by their great shrewdness, but they are also very humane with emotions that have a great influence on them. They are generous, altruistic, and always ready to lend a helping hand to those around them with no strings attached.

In 2020, the sign of the Fox in the Mayan Horoscope is going to enjoy some very beneficial personal growth on the emotional plane, but if they mean to make strides at work they’ll have to go beyond their comfort zone. Their health is going to be rewarded if they manage to keep stress to the minimum.

Snake (2 May – 29 May)

Those born under the sign of the Snake in the Mayan Horoscope are very sensitive. When they feel threatened, they react instinctively, that’s why they usually harbor grudges and are prone to harm others. Their forte is the protective nature they exhibit with their family members.  They can go at great lengths to protect their beloved ones.

In the wake of a turbulent time, 2020 is going to be for the Snake, according to the Mayan Horoscope, a year to heal wounds. At work, some positive changes will be experienced. Health-wise, some problems related to anxiety should be expected.

Squirrel (30 May – 26 June)

The driving force in those born under the sing of the Squirrel in the Mayan Horoscope is love. Squirrels are not only very outgoing -and thus always surrounded by people; they are also intelligent and highly intuitive.  They aren’t precisely ambitious. Rather, they content themselves with the little things in life and they find great comfort in family life, where they are in peace and quiet.

On the emotional and love planes, in 2020, times of painful disappointments and disillusionments are expected for the Squirrel in the Mayan Horoscope. Caution is recommended in their finances as well as better eating and health habits.

Turtle (27 June – 25 July)

The sign of the Turtle in the Mayan Horoscope speaks of a loving family, goodness, sensitivity as well as family bonds. Turtles are very humane people who need to feel human warmth to get a hold in life. They aren’t precisely ambitious either whilst they rather enjoy the little things in life. They harbor a good number of fears, which stops them from achieving great things in life.

Passion is going to rule the love life of the Turtle in 2020 according to the Mayan Horoscope: Keep toxic relations at bay!  Don’t go on shopping sprees, prioritize steadiness. As to health, watch out not to sink into a depression.

Bat (26 July – 22 August)

Those represented with the Bat in the Mayan Horoscope are highly charismatic figures, which easily takes them to leadership positions and paves the way for them to climb the social ladder. Bats are very outgoing. They need to be constantly on the go trying new things. They are also always on the move visiting new places. Indeed, constant change is not foreign to them. Though they’re a little vain, deep down they are good-hearted and family loving.

The challenge for the Bat in 2020 according to the Mayan Horoscope is strengthening the bonds with their partner and paying good attention to detail. At work they’re going to have to deal with potential competitors, and health-wise they may experience some pain in their muscles.  

Scorpion (23 August – 29 September)

The sign of Scorpion in the Mayan Horoscope may be likened to the sign of Scorpio in the Western Horoscope.  Scorpions are very intelligent people and at the same time very critical. They are also highly energetic, which keeps them always active and vigilant. On the other hand, they are shy and enigmatic. It’s always difficult to know what they’re thinking or how they feel. Nor are they very sociable.

According to the Mayan Horoscope, 2020 is going to be an ideal year for Scorpions in their love life. At work, it’s time to reap the fruits of their past efforts. Health-wise you should keep anxiety levels to the lowest.

Deer (20 September – 17 October)

The Deer in the Mayan Horoscope is a very weak sign that lives surrounded by fears and longs for solitude. The way Deer usually overcome the fears that stalk them is by hiding in their cave, where they feel confident and secure. They’re fragile and sensitive people who, however, are easy to be loved once they let themselves be known. They need protection and affection.

The recommendation from the Mayan Horoscope for 2020 for the Deer is to be a little bolder to get good things in love, organize better their economy and keep down stress with meditative activity.

Owl (18 October – 14 November)

Those born under the sign of the Owl in the Mayan Horoscope love new adventures and get easily enthusiastic with new projects. They not only hoard vast amounts of wisdom, but they are also born dreamers that always aspire to do great things, and they’re oftentimes successful. They’re very inspiring people.

Should Owls be open to be more approaching to others, this 2020 could be a good one when it comes to love, according to the Mayan Horoscope. In the economic sphere, Owls must prioritize saving up, and health-wise they should strive to keep a balanced diet.

Peacock (15 November – 12 December)

The Peacock in the Mayan Horoscope wants to be always in the limelight and doesn’t think twice about making a scene to get their way. Highly charismatic and innately flamboyant, those born under this sign endear themselves to others and are highly magnetic towards the rest. They never go unnoticed, and they’re endlessly eager to make a difference.

Should the Peacock pay attention to the Mayan Horoscope, this 2020 is the ideal moment to make a step forward if they’re in a relationship. Their goal in the economic sphere should be saving a little be more, and health-wise they should lose wight.

Lizard (13 December – 9 January)

Quiet and invisibility are the cornerstones of the identity of those born under the sign of the Lizard in the Mayan Horoscope.  Lizards always go unnoticed because they hate to be in the limelight. Great solitude seekers, these individuals are serious and introvert, but at the same time they are very profound and inclined to observation and meditation.

2020 isn’t going to be a good year in the love life of the Lizard according to the prediction of the Mayan Horoscope. That said, Lizards must value all they already have.  It’s going to be a splendid year at work. Despite some minor ailments, their health is going to be in great shape.

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