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The Orisha Horoscope

Find out what orisha sign you are depending on your date of birth

Orisha battle equipment
The Orisha Horoscope

Although the western horoscope is the most widespread, there are more than a dozen other types of horoscopes. Among them, the Orisha Horoscope stands out, and it emerged several centuries ago according to tradition.

The Orisha Horoscope: its origin

With the term  Orisha, we refer to a divinity of the Yoruba religion, which originally arose in Africa, and which reached Cuba. As in the African slave communities of the island's sugar plantations of the 18th century, the Spaniards had Catholicism as the only religion, the adherents of the Yoruba religion carried out a syncretic religion, that is, in which there are equivalences, and this is how the one known as Cuban Santeria emerged. It still maintains the central beliefs of those indigenous people kidnapped from Africa, mainly the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria.

The slaves contemplated the saints and Marian devotions that the Spaniards worshiped, and sought equivalence with their orishas. Thus, they started to worship Shangó in equivalence to Santa Barbara, or Yemanyá as the Virgin of Regla, and so on and so on. In fact, it's frequent that the same saint has several equivalents; for example, Shangó, apart from Santa Bárbara, also syncretizes with San Marcos.

Which are the signs of the Orisha Horoscope?

The Orishas are semi-divine beings, each expressing a specific aspect of human existence, and if we focus on the Orisha Horoscope, we have to indicate that it is composed of a dozen signs, each with the name of an orisha, assigned according to the date of birth.

Oggún, from 22 March to 20 April

Oggún is the orisha of war,  blacksmiths, technology or the police, among others, and in Cuban Santeria, it's equivalent to San Pedro, San Pablo, San Juan Bautista or San Miguel Arcángel, among other Christian deities.

The natives of this sign are usually people with a lot of dynamism, strength, and vitality, who channel their energy in work and undertaking projects. They have an innate capacity for leadership, and their wisdom allows them to grow on all levels. As a watchman for the warriors, for Oggún no battle can resist him.

Oko, from 21 April to 21 May

This orisha represents land, agriculture and the countryside. Thus, those born in this temporary arc tend to be entrepreneurs that aren't afraid of hard work or challenges. Failure isn't one of their fears at all, because they have the gift to follow their path and achieve success. They love justice; they watch over the common good of society, and with a great sense of family.

In Cuban Santeria, Oko is syncretized with San Isidro Labrador, patron of Madrid, and patron of farmers and countrymen.

Elegguá, from 22 May to 21 June

This orisha has the keys of destiny that open the different paths of our life, and children's toys are usually offered to him. Thus, it's syncretized in Santeria with Santo Niño de Atocha and with San Antonio de Padua, who carries in his arms a baby Jesus.

The natives of Elegguá (or Eleguá) of the Orisha horoscope tend to watch over truth and honesty and try to ensure that conflicts between people are resolved not through war but through word and communication.

Sometimes you can misinterpret their intentions, but they are generally intelligent, eloquent and gentle. Among its less flattering virtues, there is indiscretion, superficiality, and restlessness.

Oshún, from 22 June to 23 June

Santa Yoruba related to motherhood and fertility and everything related to love, passion, desire, and whims. The natives of this sign are usually very sensitive but visceral, and let themselves be carried away by feelings rather than by rationality and analysis. The deity brings a romantic and sensual air to those born under its sign, but also resentment.

Oshún is syncretized with Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of Cuba.

Changó, from 24 July to 23 August

This orisha is associated with fire and thunder, volcanoes and the clamor of war; it's syncretized with Santa Bárbara, who in Christianity is a figure that is usually mentioned precisely when there is a thunderstorm. Changó is also related to San Marcos.

If you are a Changó sign, you are a person of great determination, with strength and who doesn't care about the person who they leave in their path. That is why they have a reputation as tyrants and arrogant, although they are also creative and analytical. They have the desire for prominence, but they have a lot of sociabilities.

Yemanyá, from 24 August to 23 September

Female deity syncretized with the Virgin of Regla, and to which the mouths and salty waters are associated, both those in the seas and oceans and the tears of people.

If you were born between August 24 and September 23, according to the orisha horoscope you are a mature and orderly person, with intuition and empathy, but who may have self-esteem problems.

This lack of confidence doesn't mean that he doesn't have a very developed sense of logic, and he has the same demand for others as for himself.

Obatalá, from 24 September to 23 October

Also known as Obbatalá, Oxalá or Ochalá, the major orisha, creator of the land and sculptor of the human being, and who is syncretized with the Catalan virgin of la Merced.

The natives of this sign are brave and intelligent and like to intercede for the peace of those around them. They have an excellent capacity for determination at the time of taking actions  (although they also have their fearful side), and they own exceptional social skills. They also own a gift related to the arts.

Orula, from 24 October to 23 November

The orisha of divination and wisdom has its equivalent in Christianity with San Francisco de Asís, according to Santeria. This gives the natives of their sign a great cunning, which allows them to know right away that knowledge is power, and that it has a value that won't hesitate in putting a price on.

The advice given by an Orula is precious because of his great intuition and intelligence, as well as his spirituality. They tend to cultivate their wisdom through incessant curiosity.

Babalú Ayé, from 23 November to 21 December

He's the orisha of diseases, plague, and misery, and therefore syncretizes with Saint Lazarus, who is usually depicted in Christianity as an unclean and helpless man. Thus, those born under this orisha horoscope sign are individuals with a special gift when it comes to healing others, to act as mediators to recover bodies and souls, and good counselors who want the welfare of everyone around them.

Among his specific qualities, optimism and rationality stand out, although it doesn't mean that at certain moments of his life they don't tend to be a bit bipolar and selfish, although they are also sympathetic to external problems.

Agayú Sola, from 22 December to 20 January

Its name literally means "who covers the desert with his voice" and it's the orisha of the interior of the earth and volcanoes, syncretized with San Miguel Arcángel and also with San Cristobal, the bearer of Christ on his back.

According to the Orisha horoscope, the natives of this sign possess a great decision and confidence in themselves. They assume great responsibilities without any fear, because they are determined and confident individuals, with ambition and productivity. They tend to be leaders, but they do it with certain prudence and great realism.

Ochosi, from 21 January to 19 February

According to this type of horoscope, the Ochosi are beings of great talent and powerful friendships. They have a humanitarian spirit that gives them great friends and a lot of respect for the people they have by their side. They have high ideals and an exciting talent that they use to fight in their causes. As a couple, they are capable of giving great pleasure.

In the Yoruba religion, Ochosi is the orisha hunter and protector of people with  problems and syncretizes with San Alberto Magno and San Norberto.

Inle, from 20 February to 21 March

The Inle orisha is the patron of doctors, fish, and is the owner of the river, and travels the world of both the living and the dead. It's syncretized with San Rafael Arcángel (who in Christianity is also the patron of doctors).

According to the Orisha Horoscope, the Inle are compassionate and humble loving people, who have great temperance before the harshness. They admire traditions and spirituality and a lot of faith. As a couple, keep in mind that sex isn't one of their priorities. They are humble, shy and a bit insecure and  independent.

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