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The Celtic Horoscope

In Celtic Astrology trees are elements of power which, along with lunar cycles, rule people’s fate

The Celtic Horoscope is a divination system based on the animist creed of the Celtic people of northern Europe which was created by the druids. The Celtic horoscope has a protective function and is bound up with the phases of the moon and the power of trees, where it was believed that the will of the gods resided.

According to Celtic astrology, trees are possessors of infinite wisdom that allow to know what a person is like. Trees in this belief system are as well a source of life and protection. What’s Celtic astrology and what are the protective trees of the Celtic Horoscope? We’re going to tell you all about this in this article.

Celtic Astrology

Celtic religion was animist, that is, it was predicated on the belief that both objects and the elements in nature possess soul. For Celts forests had a magic dimension and the powers of the gods resided in the trees. On this basis, the druids, the magicians and the wizards possessors of mysterious wisdom created a horoscope.

Celtic astrology divides the calendar into different periods that are allocated to 21 trees, four of them as reference to the solstices and the equinoxes, and the rest in two groups that coincide with blooming and fruit-bearing. On the other hand, Celtic astrology is based on the belief that our birth conditions our personality and our character.

Against this background and by way of observation, the druids realized that a child born in a specific season of the year had unique traits different from that of others. On the basis of the knowledge of the druids and their adoration for the sacred energy of trees, a system of divination and protection was born: the Celtic horoscope.

Celtic astrology is related to the old Ogham wisdom, which through the bond of the moon and trees offer a sacred and powerful tool of prediction. On the basis that trees possess infinite wisdom, the Celts made a number of projections of their meaning on human life, which gave birth to the Celtic horoscope.

Trees: The Signs of the Celtic Horoscope

Trees in Celtic astrology are equivalent to the signs in the Celtic horoscope since they’re associated with not only the natural cycles of the year but also a number of personality traits. What’s your sign in the Celtic horoscope? Find out below.


The poplar is the tree of meditation and spirituality. It’s a tree that influences those born between 4th and 8th February, 1st and 14th May, and 5th and 12th August. Poplars are enthusiastic, always surrounded by agreeable people, but somewhat fearful save when they find themselves in an extreme situation.  A bit of a loner, a Poplar possesses a great organizing capacity and philosophical knowledge.


The birch protects those born between 4th and 24th June and symbolizes the beginning of the Celtic year. It scares away the evil spirits of the old year with its branches. Those born under this sign are lively, attractive and elegant; they don’t like to generate difficulties to others, and they know how to adjust to whatever circumstances arise. Birches are humble and are gifted with great intelligence and intuition.


Those born between 2nd and 11th January, and 5th and 14th July are represented by the fir, the carrier of mystic light. Firs enjoy very good taste and are beauty lovers. They have many talents and great intelligence to make the most of those talents. Albeit somewhat reserved, Firs offer great loyalty and they always care for those close to them. 


The maple is the tree of those born between 11th and 20th April, and between 14th and 23rd October.  The maple is dedicated to Dana, the Celtic goddess of fertility and erotism. Maples enjoy great imagination and are remarkably offbeat, often out of the ordinary. They’re shy and reserved, but also proud and ambitious, with an unquenchable thirst for new experiences. 


The hazel is the tree of beliefs and protects those born between 23rd and 31st March, and between 29th September and 3rd October. Hazels are charming, understanding and very generous people.  They hold a great sense of justice and feel drawn to social causes. They’re very gregarious although they can also be truly temperamental.


Those born between 15th and 24th May, and between 12th and 21st November are under the protection of the chestnut, symbol of occult learning and knowledge. Chestnuts are endowed with great beauty and are exquisitely tactful.  They’re very independent, which makes them not precisely understanding, but behind them a major secret is concealed: sentimentalism.


Being the messenger of the gods, it used to be said that meditating next to an elm would cheer up your spirit. The elm protects those born between 12th and 24th January, and between 15th and 25th July. Elms are people with a flair for planning, endowed with great soundness and a natural gift for anticipating the problems that may arise.  They’re born leaders and enjoy a keen memory.  

Apple Tree

Those born between 25th June and 4th July, and 23rd December 1st of January are protected by the apple tree, the tree where the wizard Merlin would impart his teachings. Apple trees are coquettish, adventurous and so sensitive that they’re always falling in love. At the same time, they’re delicate, generous and endowed with great imagination and spirituality.


The cherry is the tree of those born between 25th May and 3rd June, and between 22nd November and 1st December. This tree, the cherry, is a great talisman against negative energies.  Those under its influence are endowed with great magnetism. They may make mistakes because they’re very impulsive, but rebukes don’t affect them. They’re attractive and demanding beings, who like to play with their fates.


Those born between 2nd and 22nd December are represented by this tree which is associated with goodness and motherhood.  The beech is the tree of the winter solstice which blesses its protégés with the gift of good organization and prudence. That’s why Beeches are usually highly successful people with their projects, who at the same time enjoy an exquisite aesthetic taste. 


The hornbeam is the tree of magic and spirituality and those born between 3rd and 13th June, and 2nd and 11th December are ruled by it. Hornbeams are flamboyant but endowed with very good taste. They also innately care for their looks. They enjoy great discipline, which leads them to achieve whatever goals they set out to accomplish. They’re too trusting in line with their boundless goodness.


Those born between 11th and 20th March, and between 13th and 22nd September are represented by the lime, symbol of friendship dedicated to the goddess Freyja. Those under the influence of the lime hate quarreling and try to keep stress at work at bay.  They like sloth and enjoying life. They can sacrifice for the sake of others, they’re very talented and dream of goals they can’t realize.    


The rowan is associated with fortunetellers and oracles and protects those born between 1st and 10th April, and between 4th and 13th October. Rowans seem fragile people but in truth they are coated with great fortitude. They easily bounce back life’s setbacks and they have a great thirst for adventure and strong emotions. They’re optimistic and show great solidarity with others.   


Those born between 9th and 18th February, and between 14th and 23rd August are represented by the cedar, the tree of art and religion, and are endowed with exotic beauty and very good health.  They have a great sense of self-confidence and they like to enjoy luxury. They may prove impatient, but they are good -and quick- at successful decision-making.


The cypress is the emblem of immortality and conveys vital energy. It protects those born between 25th January and 3rd February, and between 26th July and 4th August. The cypress endows those under this sign with the gift of attraction and charm. Cypresses are always ready to have fun; they’re active and happy people; they like to be acknowledged by their peers and they have a great capacity to adjust to new circumstances.


The walnut is associated with prophecies and aphrodisiac powers. It represents those born between 21st and 30th April, and 24th October and 11th November. Walnuts are gifted with great contrasts: selfish and aggressive, generous and tender. They react in a spontaneous and unexpected manner, and others don’t always think highly of them. They make great strategists and are versatile.


Those born between 23rd and 28th September are represented by the olive, the emblem of peace and happiness. Their most salient virtue is wisdom. Olives enjoy great enlightenment, which allows them to exude energy towards other.  They’re broad-minded people, with great sensitivity, tender and warm. They’re spiritually inclined, athletic, and sophisticated.  


The pine is the symbol of vital might and it protects those born between 19th and 29th February, and between 24th August and 2nd September. Pines are people who always like to be well surrounded, lovers of creature comforts, courageous and careless. They know how to deal with mishaps. They’re romantic and passionate.


Those born between 21st and 22nd March are represented by the oak, the tree of generosity dedicated to the god Dagda. Their protégés are robust and dynamic people, characterized by their strength, harshness and ruthlessness. With their two feet always on the ground, they’re intuitive people and very tenacious, born winners but not very fond of change. 

Weeping Willow

The weeping willow is the emblem of constructive thinking and magic that endows those born between 1st and 10th March, and between 3rd and 12th September with a melancholic and dreamy nature. Weeping Willows are restless people with great sensitivity for divination. They’re remarkably honest, although they’re also very demanding, which makes living with them difficult at times. 

Fig Tree

The fig tree represents those born between 14th and 23rd June, and between 2nd and 21st December. The fig tree is the symbol of abundance and endows those born under its influence with the might of fortitude, giving way to very affectionate and sentimental people who love to be surrounded by friends, relatives and pets. They’re great lovers of life and enjoy a great sense of humor.

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