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The Gypsy Horoscope

Find out which are its 12 signs

For centuries, a great mastery of magic through their divinatory arts has been related to the history of the Gypsy people.  These divinatory arts were carried out mainly through the crystal ball, the cartomancy or the reading of the lines of the hand. Their fame was more than justified, because their premonitory gift wasn't something fictitious, but could be checked with facts and evidence, and a special relationship with the time of casting and curing the evil eye was associated to them.

In reference to the cartomancy, the Gypsy people even have their own Tarot, of which there are already references in the fifteenth century, a few years after they began to travel Europe (it isn't known whether from Egypt or India); and they also have their own Horoscope, which, like the Western one, is divided into a dozen signs.

What is the Gypsy Horoscope

As we've said, it's divided in 12 signs, that are associated to each individual according to their date of birth and it has de particularity that they are represented with everyday objects.  Other kinds, like the Celtic Horoscope, have associated to each sign a tree, and the Arabic Horoscope has medieval weapons.

The twelve signs of the Gypsy Horoscope

Now, we offer you a list of all the signs of this kind of horoscope.

Cup (from 21 January to 19 February, correspondence with Aquarius)

If you were born in that temporary arc, according to the Gypsy Horoscope you have the gift of union and receptivity. They are creative, original and a little hesitant, very lucky people. They tend to lose, but always seek happiness, and try to transmit it to all the people around them. Cinnamon and aquamarine have a special power for them.

Chapel (from 20 February to 20 March, correspondence with Pisces).

The Chapel symbolizes religiousness and faith. People born under this sign are serious, quiet and mistrustful people, but they also have a great capacity to connect and make friends, they have a great spiritual strength and they love quiet places, that is how they feel more comfortable. At work, they are  entrepreneurs,  and the amethyst is their magic stone, as the glycine is the perfume that suits them better.

Knife (from 21 March to 20 April, correspondence with Aries).

The dagger symbolizes the fast and direct way of facing a situation, according to the tradition of the Gypsy Horoscope. If you were born under this sign, you surely are a practical person, a bit impulsive and competitive, and you have a great intuition, qualities that make you a good leader. The dagger is associated with the green jasper and the lavender as magical stones and perfumes.

Crown (from 21 April to 20 May, correspondence with Taurus).

It symbolizes purity and elegance, and their natives are usually faithful, sensitive and romantic, apart from being a bit proud. They like comfort an luxury, but they like to work to get them,  they don't expect anyone to give them anything. The rose is said to be their perfect perfume, and the blue sapphire as a stone that gives them a special energy. 

Candelabrum (from 21 May to 20 June, correspondence with Gemini).

The candelabrum symbolizes wisdom and abundance of ideas. They are a bit stubborn, although they are intelligent and communicative, which makes them make friends and admire them; they know how to make themselves loved by those people around them, without a doubt. Their ability to save can lead to being confused with stingy people. Floral perfume and magnetite give good vibrations to them.

Wheel (from 21 June to 21 July, correspondence with Cancer).

This sign from the Gypsy horoscope symbolizes the coming and going of life. The natives of the wheel are sensitive, emotional,  reserved and a bit uncertain, but they love intensely, which leads them to be overprotective. They have an innate ability to lead projects, and also an interesting power of concentration. Like the Crown, the rose is its optimal perfume, while as a magic stone they have the emerald.

Star (from 22 July to 22 August, correspondence with Leo).

Attending the tradition, the star represents the equality between the earth and the sky. Is your sign of the Gypsy horoscope the star? So, rest assured that you are optimistic and charming, and you like showing off at all times. The natives of the Star are touched by luck, which favors them and accompanies them. In your health, your Achilles heel are your joints. If you are of this sign, sandalwood and ruby will bring you wealth, use them as a talisman.

Bell (from 23 August to 22 September, correspondence with Virgo).

The bell symbolizes punctuality and discipline. Those born under this zodiacal sign of the Gypsy tradition are organized, ambitious people and they love perfection. They criticize everyone, even though they are open to helping others grow in a constructive way.  Its perfect perfume is the gardenia, and its magical stone, the agate.

Coin (from 23 September to 22 October, correspondence with Libra)

This payment figure symbolizes justice and balance, just like the balance of its equivalent, Libra. They are people with great wisdom to solve any conflict, entrepreneurs, and optimists and have a talent for companies, since it is an excellent negotiator. As talismans it has the alphazema as perfume and the pink diamond as a special stone.

Dagger (from 23 October to 21 November, correspondence with Scorpio).

Don't confuse it with the knife, because the dagger symbolizes change, learning and evolution according to the zodiac of the Gypsy people. They are people with an analytical mind and strong character, they attract others with their personality and with ease and elegance they can be loved and respected. Musk and topaz give it energy.

Axe (from 22 November to 21 December, correspondence with Sagittarius).

The axe symbolizes freedom, and according to this type of horoscope, their natives are loving people in adventure, a bit reckless, but with a great mental lucidity,  and they can adapt themselves to any situation with great ease. Their perfume is jasmine and their stone, turquoise.

Horseshoe (from 22 December to 20 January, correspondence with Capricorn)

Attending the tradition of the Gypsy people, it symbolizes effort and work. Those born in this period of time are dedicated and perfectionists in everything they do, so they always achieve success. They are always willing to help those in need, and may tend to spend more than necessary. The citric perfume and the onyx as magic stone are the elements that are associated to the Horseshoe.

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