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The Wuykü Horoscope

Discover its four signs and their characteristics

In astrology, that was developed in the mountains of Tibet, we find the Tibetan Horoscope, but this isn't the only one that exists since the Wuykü Horoscope was also founded there. Unlike the Chinese Horoscope, the Druid Horoscope, and many others, in this one, there are only four signs: the Spider, Scorpion, and the Turtle; a symbolism that isn't  coincidental,  since these animals were considered gods. Its origins began millenniums before the birth of Christ and its creation is attributed to a group of people known as the Acolytes that studied predicting the future.

It's interesting to note that Tibetan astrology is a divination science that puts the most emphasis on the spiritual freedom that all human beings have. So, it is commonly accepted that humans are the architects of their own destinies, and this is derived from the laws of karma, which state that each being is a result of their own actions.

The Four Signs of the Wuykü Horoscope

These are the signs of this type of horoscope with Asian influences and their characteristics.


This sign aligns with the months of January, February, and March. The natives of the Spider sign tend to be healthy during all twelve months of the year, and this energy and well-being tend to be very useful to them in their professional lives.

Natives of this sign of the Wuykü Horoscope don't tend to have a stable economy because they have a habit of overspending  on certain matters, like for example on travel and leisure time. So, later it takes them a while to stabilize their finances again.

According to the tradition, the Spider isn't associated with great physical beauty and people don't tend to fall in love with them at first sight, but they are beautiful on the inside, which makes them more attractive on a spiritual level.


Natives of this sign are born in the months of April, May, and June, according to this type of Tibetan horoscope. For Buddhists, this small animal represents materialistic activities, thanks to the perfection of its social organization and the similarities between its behavior and ours, which makes the wise see them as examples of strength and willpower.

Members of the Ant sign are very generous and have a way of showering those close to them with gifts,  something that can damage their finances seriously. They also make sure to do lots of special things for their partner, and their future is bright in the love and health planes.

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The Scorpion in the Wuykü Horoscope is the mark of people who came into this world during the months of July, August, and September. The Scorpion has a special sacred relevance in Buddhism since this animal is associated with a great cognitive mind and significant pride.

Natives of this sign tend to enjoy a good state of health without too many worries, although they are predisposed to digestive problems. These individuals are blessed with longevity, and long prosperous lives are written in the stars for them.

They are very lucky since they are especially likely to form a family that won't be lacking any love. Scorpions don't tend to have financial troubles since  in business they possess skills that make them unique and valuable in many aspects.


Were you born in October, November, or December?  Then your sign is the Turtle, according to the Wyukü Horoscope. Unfortunately, in this case, the health of these individuals tends to be fragile and they can suffer from very painful or uncommon illnesses. The best thing that you can do is to stay away from harmful habits like smoking and the consumption of alcohol. 

In love, jealousy tends to be present in relationships with the Turtle,  although patience and consistency stand out among their strengths, which can help them to form close life-long family ties. They tend to value money and material goods to a point that could be considered excessive, and they have to watch out if they overspend.

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