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The Egyptian Horoscope

Find out which is your sign

The Egyptian Horoscope

In ancient times, the Egyptians were very interested in esotericism and, more particularly, in clairvoyance and astrology. Thousands of years ago they consulted oracles to obtain visions about the future and invoked the appropriate god to solve the corresponding problem.

The ancient Egyptians believed that their personality and their lives were determined by the sign in which they were born and they defended the belief that there is a pre-established destiny, which is written in advance. 

The signs of the Egyptian Horoscope

If we focus on the Egyptian horoscope, it gives very clear indications about the characteristics of the personality and the mission of the signs according to your date of birth and it's divided into twelve signs with the names of gods.

Bastet (16 January to 15 February)

People from this sign look for balanced and harmonious relationships. They know how to protect their loved ones and they want to spend time with them. They have an inner power and skills that help them recognize their hidden enemies and defeat them.

The Batets, according to the Egyptian Horoscope, have charming personalities and they love to enjoy life. They surround themselves of things that they like and the look for happiness and joy in their lives,  and they are inspired by music and arts. 

Selket (16 February to 15 March)

The natives of this sign are intelligent, witty, eloquent and optimistic. Their capacity for love is tremendous and this is probably the key to expressing all their fiery energy, and they are excellent leaders, noble with grace.

Their mysterious beauty probably comes from inside of them and they treat their friends with joy and help them overcome their problems. They are intelligent and witty, eloquent and optimistic, and can be great athletes if they propose it.

Apep (16 March to 15 April)

Flexible and methodical, the children of Apep, the god that is represented with a snake, are great at solving problems. They can master an artistic search if they put their mind to it.

They have a special talent for writing, as well as for having the power. They have great creativity, they know how to improvise and motivate those around them, and they can sometimes be a bit selfish.

Ptah (16 April to 15 May)

Those born under the sign of Seth, the god of the rising sun, seek to change and experience many adventures before meeting and being able to direct their powerful internal powers. They are individuals who learn easily from their mistakes and possess an interesting tenacity in their challenges.

The essence of Ptah is that he is always willing to receive new knowledge and ideas.  Energetic and insightful, his personality is destined to pave the way for these unexplored dimensions, and they enjoy getting to the point of the issues.

Atum (16 May to 15 June)

The people who belong to this sign are diplomatic and tactical, and they bring wisdom. In addition, they are attentive to the feelings of others and their needs, although they may suffer selfish outbursts. Friends of animals, they never give up, and sometimes they need spiritual support.

Atum's children often feel fascinated when travelling and connecting with people from different places. In life they must learn not to be influenced easily, and their greatest virtue is their capacity for commitment.

Isis (16 June to 15 July)

Honorable, self-confident and active; this is how society sees the people from this sign. If you are a native of this goddess, you have a great love towards honor and a wonderfully idealistic vision of the world. Your mood, your confidence and your kindness make you a popular person among friends.

You like to be active; your example encourages others to be active too. When times are difficult, you like spending time on your own and thinking.

Amon Ra (16 July to 15 August)

The God of the Sun brings to his protégés a great energetic and excellent potential; they are natural leaders by inspiration, and their wishes are even fulfilled without telling people what to do.  With regard to school or business projects and team sports, everyone wants to be your partner!

The friends and relatives of Amon Ra often come to him for advice, knowing that he is a strong, confident, good leader and possessed of a determined will.

Horus (16 August to 15 September)

The falcon-headed god makes his natives fight valiantly for what they believe in. They are people who manage to shine like the sun itself, illuminating the lives of your friends and family.

He has an exquisite wisdom that lets him know what battle he has to fight and which one to avoid. They are optimistic, sociable, motivated and courageous beings according to the tradition of the Egyptian Horoscope.

Maat (16 September to 15 October)

The children of this god of wisdom and justice are quick, intelligent and skilled. Very inventive, they are speakers capable of winning over people with wit and charm that don't allow a failure to discourage them.

They aren't impressed by the success of others, they are good critics and they are able to find viable solutions to avoid failure. Romantics and skillful in seduction, they are always willing to enjoy intimacy.

Osiris (16 October to 15 November)

If you are a native of this sign, you are born with incredible talent. You like to transform the old into something new and exciting; in fact, your friends and family like to be close to your style to establish trends.

You like the "before and after", especially to help people find new styles. Those born under the sign of Osiris are energetic, generous, witty and curious.

Hathor (16 November to 15 December)

Those born under the sign of Hathor are beings secretly inclined to melancholy. They are full of irony, and frustrated by the seduction  due to their shyness, which can be so great that it gives off toxicity.

They have enormous internal wealth because they know how to reach their goals directly in all their human relationships.

Anubis (16 December to 15 January)

Those protected by the god Anubis are respected among their friends and family; they achieve that status because they really carry out what they promise to do, because they have a great determination and ability to finish what they start.

They are people who rely on their own inner knowledge to discover truths about others and the world around them and when the things around them seem to fall apart, it's Anubis who holds them together due to his sensitivity, their strength and their way of insufflating encouragement.

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