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The American Indian Horoscope

Find out the signs and spirit animals of the American Indian Horoscope

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The American Indian Horoscope

Within the different types of horoscopes, there's two that sound quite alike: the Indian Horoscope, which comes from India, and the American Indian Horoscope, which follows the beliefs of Native American Indians.

An introduction to American Indian astrology

Even if Hollywood movies have attempted to give us the warlike, violent side of Indians, they were actually quite cautious and skilled at mediating in arguments. Among their beliefs one stood out in particular. Animism believes that all elements in the universe link and interact with one another.  For them, the world is made up of vibrations which give everything a sense of reality.

Another basic element in this culture is the circle. The universe is a set of curves, ovals and other circle-like shapes created by nature, the flight of birds, animal territories, the hills, the Sun or the Moon.

In fact, straight lines are the essence of mankind's creations, and they can't exist in the world without the intervention of humans. Existence is represented by the gathering of natural elements and man-made items into one single symbol, the wheel of life.

To understand their astrology, we understand and find that, within our personality, there's what Native American Indians call spirit animals. There's twelve signs  (thirteen in some areas) and their astrology doesn't revolve around predictions, such as the Western Horoscope, for example. We're talking about shamanic astrology, which has the goal of warning us about dangers in order to live better, but always in coherence and accordance with nature.

The influence of the Moon in the American Indian Horoscope

This horoscope is influenced by the Moon, and each sign is named after an animal, because Native American Indians are seriously respectful towards nature. In reference to the Earth's satellite, it's important to remember that Native American elders recommend being cautious under full moons,  because there's certain events that fall under its influence, and they recommend not doing anything for the three days before or after a full moon or moon eclipse.

The signs in the American Indian Horoscope

The astrology of Native American Indians is based on the cycles of nature. Their totems or zodiac signs take the forms of animals influencing the daily life of Native American Indians,  and they're divided in four clans, each of which is influenced by an astrological element like water, air, earth and fire.

The Snow Goose (December 22 - January 19)

It belongs to the Turtle Clan. The main goal of Snow Geese is to be self-confident and to teach this skill to people around them, who are weak in one way or another. They find balance when adapting to their environment and need to find integrity to boost their self-confidence.

The Otter (January 20 - February 18)

It belongs to the Butterfly Clan. Otters demand bliss and help. They invite us to behave like children once again, to have fun and accept the flow of life and experiences. If you have one around, you can take time to rest and forget daily anxieties. Otters have such a strength, they can smooth out any circumstance. This is a talent that makes them avoid all fights.

The Wolf (February 19 - March 20)

Their clan is the Frog Clan. Wolves are quick and elusive, with great adaptation skills and a steely willpower, which makes them a hard target to influence. For Native American Indians, wolves have healing skills, and their presence has always been related to omens.

Thus, native Wolves have good intuition, and their opinions are usually heard. Their mission is to find more sense to life but also to death, and to wonder about the reality of things and how important they actually are.

The Falcon (March 21 - April 21)

People belonging to the Falcon Clan who have the falcon's strength are good observers and never miss out on anything. Thus, they never lose their ability to see things as a whole and are able to make out the signs. If you were born under this spirit animal, the Falcon makes you quick, active, overwhelmingly energetic individuals, but also brave, persevering and obstinate, and you always get your way.

The Beaver (April 20 - May 20)

Belonging to the Turtle Clan, beavers are reserved, hard-working individuals who put feelings on top of the priority list. Methodical and relentless, they can show great generosity even if their nature makes them very greedy with money.

Beavers love secrets, and not because they want to act mysterious, but because they generally have a deep, complex inner life, where spirituality plays a main role.

The Deer (May 21 - June 20)

Hailing from the Butterfly Clan, deer are talented in different areas: art, medicine, divination, languages, and that's just a few of them. If you're deers, you'll notice there's something there, a blessing that connects you with everyone else. You have the gift of making your environment beautiful and creating a good mood.

Deers represent sweetness, the ability of touching the hearts and minds of injured individuals, and they can bring confidence and healing to anyone around them.

The Woodpecker (June 21 - July 21)

They belong to the Frog Clan, and they can see life as a source of happiness. Woodpeckers are natural leaders and they represent the ability to perceive life as a source of wonder and bliss. When it comes to love, this spirit animal wants a comfortable, harmony-built nest, because Woodpeckers need to devote themselves to others to channel their energy.

Woodpeckers are skilled at jobs related to imagination and creativity, as well as anything having to do with psychology or kids.

The Salmon or Sturgeon (July 22 - August 21)

The Falcon is their clan. Salmons have great character, although they can also adapt to any situation. This water sign suggests that there'll be great success professionally speaking in the future.

Salmons were made to love and be loved, and they'd do anything and everything for their friends. It's very important to them to be actively involved in their job, in order to keep vitality going and to express their enthusiasm.

The Grizzly Bear (August 22 - September 21)

Belonging to the Turtle Clan, grizzly bears have a warm nature about them and they're meticulous, so much so that they don't like leaving anything to chance. Among their virtues we can point out determination, courage and equity. For Native American Indians and their horoscope, grizzly bears are kind-hearted teachers but fearful creatures when angry. If their territory is trespassed, they're spectacularly violent, although rage can be quickly soothed.

The need for stability of grizzly bears makes them independent and faithful, full of tenderness. They usually defend themselves rather than ask,  and they convey the idea that every creature has the ability to calm down, be silent and knowledgeable.

The Crow (September 22 - October 22)

Crows belong to the Butterfly Clan. Natives born under this spirit animal have the gifts of generosity, bravery and idealism, as well as a powerful inner strength. Crows would rather experience spiritual moments instead of focusing on those that are more earthly and material.

They're the messengers of our unconscious, the unknown, and they bring some magic and signals from a different life we can't really see. Thanks to this spirit animal, both the physical and emotional wounds can be healed from the distance, because crows are the mediators between Heaven and Earth.

The Snake (October 23 - November 22)

Coming from the Frog Clan, snakes represent transformation and life energy, our deaths and successive rebirths, as well as sexual energy; something that represents their skin changes. Their strengths are transformation, immortality and creation.

Those individuals born under the spirit animal of the Snake like playing with poison, which they can absorb without dying. Your sensuality is strong, but if it doesn't find a stage of balance and satisfaction, it could get troublesome.

The Owl (November 23 - December 21)

Belonging to the Falcon Clan, owls represent majesty and grace, elegance and finesse, which they use to give their comments some perspective. Their mental independene make them individuals that can't be influenced, and they're able to bring major surprise with their questions.

Owls are slightly ambiguous, both able to do their best and worst; when they're with a group where they don't feel comfortable because someone or something is bothering them, they just fly away unexpectedly.

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