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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Aries

What is Aries like in bed and which positions do they feel more comfortable with

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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Aries | iSTOCK

If you find yourself with an Aries in bed, you'll surely have a night of passion and lust. Be in full energy and get ready to be dominated. The sex of Aries is like their own personality: dominant, fiery and selfish. To feel pleasure and give the most of them, the sign of the ram needs to unleash all their instincts without limits in short and intense outbursts that can be repeated until they get tired. Let's see what Aries is like in bed and their favorite Kamasutra positions.

What is Aries like in bed?

If you want to have a tantric sex session in which you can connect your body with your lover during a long session of games, sensations, exchanges, pauses, and connections until you get to the climax together, Aries is definitely not your sign. But if you're looking for a crazy night in the hands of a dominant person,  in short, but intense sessions of sex that repeat themselves until the sun comes out, then look for the ram of the horoscope.

Aries doesn't mess around in bed. It is the perfect representative of "the spur of the moment", pure virility at the service of power and immoderately. There are no limits in bed for Aries, and that is one of the advantages of having sex with an Aries: all that you had dreamt about, the most forbidden sexual fantasies, you'll be able to carry them out in their bed.  But forget about controlling the situation: as soon as the show starts you'll feel submissive, doing whatever they want you to do.

Romanticism and whispering nice words aren't things this sign does. Their sense of pleasure is directly related to the dominant position: To the extent that Aries feels themselves the owner of the situation, you can unleash all their sexual fury and at that point, they become an inexhaustible source of pleasure.  That is why it's an ideal sign for practices that are not the usual ones, including the ones in the sadomasochistic and similar area.

Aries connect especially with other fire signs, Sagittarius and Leo,  and combine very well with another very lustful sign like Libra, always willing to sexual pleasure. 

The 3 best Kamasutra positions for Aries

Seeing what Aries is like in bed and their needs to feel pleasure, let's see what the best sexual positions for Aries are:

1. The Doggy Position

The animal connotation of this position is psychologically very relevant for the ram sign, because it puts the other persona in a position quadruped of submission that takes them to the most primitive instincts. It's the position that connects the human being with the wild, and that is Aries' favorite one.

In this position, the partner of Aries gets on their knees with her hands on the bed while the man penetrates her as he wants. The woman can help by moving her hips in unison with the man, but at the moment of total climax, the most common thing is that Aries holds the woman's butt hard and penetrates with force until satiated.  In moments of maximum pleasure, it's likely that Aries completely submits to his partner by lowering his head to the bottom and leaving only rose to penetrate the vaginal area.

It's also one of the favorite positions of Aries to the extent that the two elements of the couple are in contact but not visually connected, and one of the two is in submission. If the woman wants to reach the maximum pleasure she should put her elbows on the  bed  so that the G spot reaches its maximum stimulation.  That is why this position, one of the most popular ones, is also called Super G or Wild Fury.

2. The Butterfly

The previous position was perfect for Aries to unleash its sexual vigor. However, sometimes they also need to combine this with positions that allow them to see their lover face to face. For Aries, feeling that they are providing pleasure to the other person, seeing in the face of their partner how they enjoy their sex, is a source of essential excitement.

So they will combine the classical positions such as the doggy one with others where, from their dominant position, they can visually connect with the other person's face. In this sense, "The Butterfly" position can be a recurrent position for the ram of the horoscope.

To make this position, the best place is a table or a raised support in which the woman can lie on her back on the edge and the man can penetrate her standing. The key to making the most of this position is that the woman's pelvis is below the man's, so she has to lift her back to take her vagina to the penis.  Then, the woman raises her legs and rests them on his shoulders, and he holds her by the hip varying the inclination and intensity. Once again, the woman is at the mercy of her lover Aries, who controls the intensity and angulation.

3. The Woodpecker

Now it's time for an oral sex position. In this case, the woman can't move and she is submitted to the rocking of the man's penis which is introduced in the woman's mouth repeatedly until he gets tired.  That is why it's exciting for Aries because in this oral sex position there's one element that dominates the scene completely and another one that accepts voluntarily the complete submission. 

When we say total submission, it is total: The woman can't move.

To make "The Woodpecker" the woman is lying down with her arms next to her body and lets the man sit at the height of her chest on top of her, so the woman can't move her arms or her torso.  From that moment, the woman is at his lover's mercy, who has his genitals at the same level as her mouth. So it's only a matter of him putting his penis in her mouth, or with his hand pressing her head towards his penis, and penetrating her mouth at his rhythm. 

Aries will increase the rhythm of penetration as he gets more excited, an excitement that will increase when he sees his partner totally immobilized and submissive.

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