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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Leo

What is Leo like in bed and which are the best Kamasutra positions for them

A black and white photo of a woman holding a man in a sensual way
The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Leo | iSTOCK

If you don't want your lion to fall asleep in bed, adore them and reinforce their feeling of power. The key to pleasure in bed for a Leo is desire: feeling desired and at the same time feeling that they are giving the other person some pleasure is something essential so they can find the way towards the orgasm.  The sign of luxury and power is, in intimate relationships, the sign of fire and lust. Let's see more in depth what Leo's secrets are in bed, and what their favorite positions are.

Leo in bed: zeal and desire

The signs of fire who are not too passionate, like Scorpio, and the excessively crafty and indecisive ones like Taurus, desperate Leo so much that they end up lowering their libido.  But the water signs, especially Aquarius, are ideal for them: apart from loving sex and enjoying it, they show great dedication to their partner and that makes them feel crazy.

So, the natives of the Leo sign need to feel desired. That is why to be able to connect with them in bed, it's very important to excite them in each phase and, above all, flatter them. Making the Leo men feel masculine, or the Leo women feel sensual and explosives, is essential. Leo's partner should take control in the preliminaries, making sure they are lighting little by little the fire where the desire of their lover is burning.  And they must do it without hurrying, playing the game of excitement controlling the times.

But, once the lion has let itself go and has got to the ideal excitement point, the roles change. There it's very important to understand that in the sexual act, Leos only know how to take control of the situation, and that is why they don't trust the passionate and lustful signs.  For a Leo, there can only be a king in bed. 

But contrary to what one might think, we aren't dealing with a frivolous person who lives sex only as a form of pleasure.  Intellectual exchange, demand,  and  sincerity are other features of Leo in bed. They won't settle for anything: Leo wants pleasant and quality sex. And also, pretense doesn't go with them. Therefore, you have to dress the sexual act in a suitable environment and put all the effort in so it is a complete relationship.

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Leo

But let's get into detail and let's see, having seen their needs in bed, which are the three best Kamasutra positions for Leo.

1. The Dragonfly

Some people consider it the most exciting Kamasutra position. Definitely, it's one of the ones that give more pleasure if you know how to do it correctly, so it gives Leo not only the possibility of enjoying good sex but also the feeling that they know how to dominate everything in the sexual act.        

It's not an easy position neither for men nor for women, so both of them can show their ability (which is synonym with power). But the most exciting thing for Leo is that it's an unusual position and, therefore, provides them with the surprise effect that makes them turn on.

To do this position, the man has to lay down sideways behind her and she has to put a bent leg around his hip. Both lovers are tied while the man penetrates her. It's a quite acrobatic position that is usually short and very intense, and it allows the man to whisper things in her ear.

2. Andromache position

In Greek mythology, it was said that the woman of the great warrior Hector, Andromache, had sex with his man with such fury that she left his man in a situation of total helplessness.  It's a metaphor to introduce a sexual position in which the power of the woman is total, and with the necessary skill and strength can leave the man totally exhausted. It is the ideal Kamasutra position for a Leo woman.

In this case, it's a very easy position: the man lying down face up is at the mercy of the woman, who sits on his penis looking at him, while she rides him.

There are a lot of advantages for a Leo woman. On the one hand, she has all the control of the situation. She accelerates or slows down when she likes,  she stimulates her clitoris or her breasts when she wants to increase the pleasure, and she gets to the orgasm when she decides to. On the other hand, a man is only a submitted being that can only observe, but there is the secret: The Leo woman loves seeing the way her lover gets crazy only by looking at her. She feels truly desired.

3. The sailboat

This one is for the Leo men. The woman lays down face up and lifts her legs up offering him, who is in front of her, all the control of the situation. There a trip on a sailboat begins where the man, holding the legs of his lover, is who controls the tiller.

It's a position of total control, which unconsciously takes the Leo man to feel like an emperor who is conquering a land. In front of him, he has the woman's vagina and she barely can move her legs, because he is holding them, and his penis moves forward to penetrate her.  The rhythm of the conquest and the moment of getting to the climax depend exclusively on him. Leo feels like his body unfolds in an aura of attraction and strength, of exhibition and power.

Together with that, as in the previous position, there is the advantage that she is left totally defeated on the bed and she feels pleasure looking at his conqueror. The man feels observed, admired, respected at all times, he feels the owner of the scene, the king of the jungle, Napoleon in Austerlitz.  The intensity can be increased until getting to the orgasm, a moment in which he can stimulate her clitoris so they get to it together. 

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