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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Aquarius

What are they like in bed and which are the best Kamasutra positions for Aquarius

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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Aquarius | iSTOCK

We've come across with Aquarius: the sexiest sign of the Zodiac. Without any doubt, the most sexual sign from the air element ones, Aquarius is an extraordinary being regarding sexuality. On the one hand, they're pure energy; they can be imaginative sometimes, they like creativity, novelties, surprises.  On the other hand, they won't be so easily surprised: their sense of pleasure connects with intelligence and security. Let's give some clues about what they are like in bed and what their favorite positions are.

What is Aquarius like in bed?

The natives of the Aquarius sign are ruled by Uranus, natural representative of the revolution. In the sexual aspect, Aquarius represents somehow the revolution from a state of inhibition and insecurity to a passion and creativity whirlwind  that makes them more than desirable lovers. To achieve this transfiguration we need to know those born under this sign well, and to the extent that we manage to connect emotionally and intellectually with them we will void their insecurity to give way to the display of their charms and abilities in the sexual field.

Aquarius, one of the most sensual signs of the Zodiac, stands out because its entry into the realm of comfort and safety is not through physical contact, but through an intellectual connection. That is why the preliminaries aren't something essential for them, at least they don't prevail over other sex phases.  The important thing for Aquarius is much more transcendental: feeling that they share projects, dreams, ideas, points of view, hobbies and even the same sense of pleasure with their partner.

But when the chains are released, inhibition and shyness are forgotten, and a new sign appears crying out for freedom. Aquarius codifies passion through radical experiences,  in which two human beings united by the same intellectual and emotional connection are ready to enjoy carnal pleasure without ties.

All this, added to the fact that their sign gives them a particular attractiveness, makes them objects of desire which anyone would like to have an affair with. If you are lucky enough to conquer an Aquarian, remember this advice: They love caresses in unusual areas such as feet or knees.

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Aquarius

Your mix of shyness and love, the perfect balance between intelligence and passion, condition your sexuality. These could be the three best Kamasutra positions if you are an Aquarius:

1. Facing the Wall

If you are an Aquarian woman, you know that you love being surprised, that in the middle of the sexual intercourse your man makes you the object of his pleasure.  You like to feel desired, you want to be for a moment the instrument of their fun, and for that, there is a position you must always keep in mind: facing the wall.

Your lover will grab you in the middle of sex and put you upright, facing the wall, while he penetrates you from behind (regardless of whether the penetration is vaginal or anal). There may be moments of closer proximity when he hugs you, caresses your breasts, kisses your neck... And moments of more wildness in which he subdues you even physically.

You must think that this is a suitable position for a specific moment in your relationships when you have already acquired full security with your lover and have been freed from your emotional chains. Then you can  become a true goddess of love, at the service of his desires so that he never forgets what it's like to be in bed (or standing!) with an Aquarius. Your pleasure, in this case, is channeled through mutual pleasure.

If you are an Aquarius man, you can surprise your girl with the position of the cart, in which you grab her two legs while she leans on her arms and you penetrate her standing up. In this case, you will feel the pleasure of dominating and making your girl feel the ecstasy  with a very acrobatic position.

2. The Rocking Horse

But what you really like, Aquarius woman, is to be dominating, take the lead of the act, and when you go for it, there is no one to shadow you. Because of your skill and intensity, you can easily take the man beyond the orgasm, to an almost dream world in which positions become fantasy.

With the rocking horse, you can take him to the childish world of dreams.  He will lie on his arms with his legs bent while you sit on top of him. You will pass one leg behind your man while bending the other one back holding it with your hand. So that you'll be in front of him as if you were holding a rocking horse.

It's a fun position in which, more than the pleasure of penetration, you enter very special complicity halfway between the moans of pleasure and the laughs of fun. 

3. The Close-Up

When you want to change the course of the sexual intercourse and go from the fun to the wild part when connecting and transmitting feelings, that is, release the most intellectual and sensitive Aquarius, then there is a perfect position for you: the close-up.

The woman lies on her side with her legs bent, and the man lies down so that he fits together with her, linked by her legs. Penetration takes place, and they both have control of rhythm, intensity, and angle. They have their hands free to caress erogenous zones (remember that Aquarius loves caresses on their knees and feet!), embrace and even hold hands to transmit the energy more directly.

If you are Aquarius, this is your ideal position, because it's a moment of maximum intimacy in which you feel so accompanied, respected and loved that, like your lover, you let go of your most sincere side. While the sexual act takes place you can even talk, confess and share your projects together. 

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