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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Capricorn

What is Capricorn like in bed and which are the best Kamasutra positions for this sign?

A man and a woman kissing in bed
The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Capricorn | iSTOCK

Capricorn is one of the signs that knows how to combine amatory skills with an analytical capacity. So, for Capricorn pleasure doesn't filtrate through passion and debauchery. It's a cold sign, but not at all boring.  Those born under this sign know how to analyze the other person's needs and put themselves at the service of their enjoyment to the end. Let's see what one of the most sexual signs is like in bed, and which are the best Kamasutra positions for them.

What is Capricorn like in bed?

Don't ask Capricorn for originality, fugacity, or daring. We are talking about one of the signs that can provide more pleasure, but unlike signs like Aries and Sagittarius, in this  case,  we have before us an earth sign that needs above all stability and security to surrender to the other. When the goat feels that it is stepping on solid ground, it can offer an assortment of effects and care that envelop its lover in a spiral of pleasure.

It's a common mistake to think that only the elements of fire have the exclusivity of pleasure. Within the earth elements, the goat is a purely sexual animal, with an atavistic tendency to pleasure, but to develop it, it needs to have a lover to stimulate it. From the situation of analysis and study of the other person's needs, he or she will move on to total control of relationships, so that being in a relationship with a goat sometimes means managing without one's initiative.

On the purely sexual level, Capricorn is not a sign with a talent for frivolity. Goats like realistic, naturalistic art, painting vases of flowers and landscapes as they are, and if they ever have to represent a surrealist or modernist painting, they will do so only and exclusively as a way to conquer their lover's desire. But if it doesn't come naturally, he might fail at times.

It is difficult to  turn a goat into a fiery being that gives off vigor and strength in unimaginable sexual positions, but it is a lover whose security in the couple can turn a pleasant combination of passion and affection.

The three best Kamasutra positions for Capricorn

Watch it, Capricorn. Having analyzed your strengths and weaknesses in bed, we propose the best Kamasutra positions for you to enjoy to the fullest.

1. With the leg up

One of your main problems, Capricorn, is that when there is no connection with the other person, you become a regressive, self-enclosed being and the libido plummets. The sexual relationship, without this security, can become a real disaster.

Here is the best Kamasutra position for you: The leg up. It's like it was created especially for Capricorn because it offers you three very interesting advantages. 

An advantage is that it's easy. Don't worry, Capricorn, you won't have to do any acrobatics or have strange skills.  Just stand in front of a table (one of the strong points of the goat is the traction of its legs so that you can put it into practice). The woman lies on her back on the table and lifts one leg. You can perform penetration while holding her leg.

This gives rise to two other advantages. One,  both lovers have eye contact, so you can enjoy the penetration as you connect with her, with her expressions and increasing excitement. On the other hand, you can hold on to her leg, which is subtly giving you the feeling of support and security you need. Complicity multiplies.

2. The man standing

We've already seen that one of your strong points are your legs. So a position that requires a bit more skills but that you can control easily thanks to your strong quadriceps is the man standing. 

In this case, you'll also have your partner face to face, so you'll be able to have direct and continuous visual contact, perfect so you connect perfectly well and so you get to the climax together.

This position will require all your strength, especially your legs, that apart from holding your weight, they will have to follow the penetration movement bending up and down. Your thighs work more than ever, and your arms will have to hold you're lover's weight. It's the position where you'll show more than ever that you are the one who carries the weight of the relationship,  and that all your effort is directed towards giving the other person the maximum pleasure.

3. The Crouching Amazon

If you are a Capricorn woman, there always comes a time when, having broken the barrier of mistrust and shyness, you want to take the lead in the relationship. Also in sex.

This is the best Kamasutra position for Capricorn women: the crouching amazon.  It's about doing the Amazon position (remember, he lies down on his back, and you sit on top of him, with a leg on each side, while you control the rhythm of the penetration). The difference, in this case, is that instead of having your legs relaxed, you crouch, holding all the weight on your legs, which bend up and down making direct penetration easier. 

You control the rhythm, just as you like, thanks to the strength of your thighs. You can excite him even more by touching your body or touching his erogenous zones. It's the Kamasutra's best position for both of you to reach an orgasm.

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