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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Libra

How are they in bed and which are the best Kamasutra positions for Libra

A man kissing a woman's neck
The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Libra | iSTOCK

With Libra we find ourselves with one of the most explosive signs of the Zodiac,  sexually speaking. However, we don't exaggerate when we say that we have in front of us the opposed face of Aries. The passionate Aries' sexuality is represented by wildness and animal instinct, while Libra processes its promiscuity through emotion and love. To see what Kamasutra positions satisfy Libra the most, let's see first which peculiarities make them special in bed.  

What is Libra like in bed? 

Fiery, ardent, daring, sensual, hot... Explosive. This is the definition of a sign for which sex is part of life and is intrinsic in its essence. But be careful, unlike other signs that live it passionately, the native of this sign of air only understands the need for sex as the instinctive complement of Love.  Therefore, if what you are looking for is a crazy night of wild sex, forget about Libra.

An exciting aspect of Libra's sexuality is creativity. That is why sex with them is never dull, but the opposite, a series of creative experiences to let innovation loose. The brake on their creativity is distrust, a handicap that makes them a tough sign to seduce. The key is to give them confidence and open their soul, and for  that,  the most important thing is to take care of all the details: the smell, the physical aspect, the place...

All these are aspects that Libra will take care of when making the step and letting go. Once they have done it, the fun is assured, and they will enter the morbid terrain of exploration.

Another factor to keep in mind is their rationality and their development of the communication sense. They will filter all their experiences by the demand of the intellect so that we can hardly surprise Libra in the bathrooms of a nightclub.  They are more into an interesting conversation with a cup of tea or coffee with a smell of incense, deepening in the mind of their lover before delving into the most sexual aspect.

Libra can get on very well with other air signs, Aquarius and Gemini, and with Virgo because of their creativity, their need for trust and the way they pay attention to small details. Aries turns Libra on like no one else.

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Libra

Keeping all these features in mind, let's see which Kamasutra positions are the most adequate for those born under this sign, so passionate and romantic.

1. The Inverted Lotus

Here is the most imaginative and creative Libra, the true and passionate Libra that, once achieved the climate of confidence and a neat and romantic atmosphere, is devoted to their lover and offers a torrent of ardor mixed with creativity.

In Greek mythology, it is said that when the warriors of Ulysses tried the prohibited fruit of the lotus, they entered such a lethargic state that they never returned. The Libra woman exposes her lotus flower to her lover in an acrobatic but sincere and direct position: she lies on her back and raises her legs, bending them until her back forms a curve. The man has to penetrate her by incorporating himself on top of her, with which an intense penetration is achieved.

In some way, the comfortable position that the body of Libra is in is an invitation for the lover to get caught in her charms, and an offer to enjoy her body freely.  They are both looking at each other, so they express their desire, their love, their excitement. 

Libra feels, in this position, the object of desire, as she likes to feel: sensual and irresistible. 

2. The Cat Flower

One of the classic positions of oral sex for the woman to enjoy. Although not because it is classic, it's less exciting, and it's a perfect way to obtain the confidence of Libra, and a maximum excitement point so that they devote themselves in body and soul.

The woman sits, preferably, on the edge of the bed, and raises her legs so that they rest on her boy's shoulders. He, on his knees, has the vagina of his lover exposed entirely and feels a  sensation  of freedom and immensity that lead him to perform a detained and acculturated job.

The key to this position, which doesn't have many secrets, is that Libra keeps arousing watching their lover in action. He should play with his tongue and his  fingers, so she goes from security and confidence to letting herself get taken away  by excitement.  

Be careful! Libra is a very generous sign of sex, so surely after having worked well this position, she won't want to sit and do nothing. A 69 will be a good way to continue the preliminary games.

3. The Jeweler

This position is so called because the jewel of the act of intimacy, the genitals of both in penetration, are protected by a box, the jeweler. When Libra has enjoyed its creativity and wants to give way to romanticism and communication, this will be a good position to break the ice.

Both will lie on their side facing each other. They will glue their bodies and stretch the lower leg  while bending the upper leg by placing it on top of the other's hip. So the jewel of penetration is protected by their legs.

It is a stimulating position because it implies extreme complicity between the two lovers, who are offering mutual protection while enjoying the penetration. They can hug each other, stroking their backs or heads while they look at each other and kiss each other, more than ever aware that they are giving themselves to each other becoming one body.

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