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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Pisces

What is Pisces like in bed and which Kamasutra positions do they feel more comfortable with in bed

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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Pisces | iSTOCK

Finding out what Pisces is like in bed forces us to examine one of our most special and complex signs of the Zodiac. However, all their aspects could be combined in a clear message: for a Piscean, sex is inseparable from love and affection. With  them,  we enter the world of fantasy.  That's why we are going to analyze how those sensitive and affectionate beings behave in bed, and which may be the best Kamasutra positions for Pisces.

What is Pisces like in bed?

To guess which can be the best positions in bed for Pisces, we have to assume that we are before a deeply mysterious sign, ruled by the planet Neptune (which opens the door to dreams and fantasy).  Pisces is a spiritual sign whose ability to make the imagination fly, separates them many times from reality, also in sex we find a person with a specially developed sense of imagination.

The advantage is that we are facing a person who can take us to a world of new sensations, a door to experimentation from the most romantic point of view that one can imagine.  The disadvantage is that Pisces can become so separated from the reality that they end up floating through a universe of imagination in which everything ends unfinished.

Their intimate relationships have to be covered in a context of love and intimacy in which both lovers begin to experience their fantasies in a relaxed way. The preliminaries, the looks, the connection, the caresses, are fundamental elements. Pisces is a very generous sign, so they won't hesitate in putting all their effort so that their lover reaches the maximum pleasure, but above all, they are sensitive beings who need to receive warmth, affection, and pleasure.

Although it may seem like a devious sign, we must have something very clear: Once you reach the point of maximum excitement, you can discover behind the Pisces' mask a true master of pleasure.

A Scorpio will be ideal to return Pisces to reality, but if what you really want is to abandon yourself to their dream world, what a Pisces needs to achieve pleasure is another Pisces or a Cancer.

The three best Kamasutra positions for Pisces

Capable of the most imaginative and wild, it's complicated to venture which positions can take a Pisces to the climax. But pay attention, here you have the best Kamasutra positions for the fish. 

1. The Crisscross

There are two elements that are fundamental for a Pisces to feel they're really having a pleasant intercourse. One is visual contact, connecting with the eyes of the other person and through their expressions enter an interrelationship  that awakens their most affective side. On the other hand, the corporal contact beyond the genitals, helps them feel accompanied and to reinforce romanticism.

If you are Pisces, your perfect position is the Crisscross, that takes its name from the drawing of the bodies in the form of letter X. To do it you have to sit face to face with your partner and pass your right leg over your left leg, so that your right leg is above your left leg. The woman can lift her leg up to her boy's shoulder so that the vagina has more accessibility.

In this way,  penetration is wrapped in a knot of limbs that connects you with your lover in a very special way.  You have a direct contact with your partner, you can see their movements and get excited with their expressions. And you have a skin-to-skin contact that enhances your extreme sensitivity

2. The Accordion

Once achieved the ideal excitement point, and when you have the maximum confidence and connection with your partner, you need positions that really make you feel out of reality. Apart from romanticism and sensitivity, daring is also part of your sexual needs, so put it into practice.

We present an innovative position that you can practice, and that also offers you full body and eye contact with your lover. It's called the accordion, and it's quite acrobatic, but it guarantees pleasure for both of you.

The man should lie on his back with his legs flexed towards the chest, offering a support in the genital area so that the woman can sit down and facilitate penetration. The woman squats so that their thighs are in contact. She clings to his arms and begins to move up and down.

The penetration is deep and you will both feel aroused  by giving free rein to your imagination with a new position.

3. The Elevator

Since those born under the sign of Pisces  like to delight their partner with the  preliminaries, there goes a recommendation for oral sex. In fact, it's a very common practice that is popularly called the elevator.

If you are a Pisces man and you need to exploit your sensitivity, stand up and let your partner start down from the top floor like in an elevator. They can go kissing your lips, your neck, your chest, your arms, your  navel  until they reach your pelvis and your genitals and stop there for a while.  Then they can go back up to your lips little by little.

If you are a Pisces woman, you can also experience that position, only that it will be more comfortable for you to lay on your back and let your partner run through your body.

The elevator is a journey towards sensitivity and eroticism, ideal for stimulating your erogenous zones and preparing the ground for a good sex session in which, among other things, you can practice the crisscross and the accordion.

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