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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Taurus

Find out what they are like in bed and which positions are they more comfortable with.

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Taurus | iSTOCK

If you are going to have sexual intercourse with a Taurus, be careful: No frivolities or eccentricities, and forget about wild sex. A Taurus needs security and communication.  When a Taurus feels safe, protected and relaxed and is fully connected to their lover, they will be able to deal with all the sexual act until they get to the climax. Let's see how special the ones born under this sign are and what are the best positions for Taurus. 

What is Taurus like in bed?

Taurus isn't boring in bed, sex can be very good with a Taurus, but they need specific ingredients.  Above all, Taurus' partner has to be patient and empathic; they need to know at each moment what the other person needs to feel comfortable. 

The secret to turning Taurus on is touch. The natives of this sign are extremely sensitive in the touch sense, and that's why they need physical contact, to touch and to be touched.  The preliminaries are one of the unavoidable phases for them. When a Taurus feels attraction, the "tactile recognition" phase begins, in which they connect with the other person through touching. Then comes genital stimulation, both orally and with the hands, and finally penetration.

Once the sexual act has started, it's essential for Taurus to feel that none of the parts dominates the other and that everything that is done is with both their consent. Security and protection are the most important thing, so they'll want to be in contact with their partner by looking at them, and they'll need a verbal connection (whisper things or just connect with moans). So who best knows Taurus, is another Taurus: the sexual connection between two Taurus is full of erotism, romanticism, and sensuality.

At first, Taurus is traditional, so they will look for canonic positions and sexual practices, but they will also value sincerity and honesty, and they are generous, so with confidence, you can expose them your needs and fantasies.

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Taurus

We have seen the characteristics in bed of the natives of this sign, let's focus now on what are the best positions in bed for Taurus. 

1. The Mold (or The Spoon)

It's one of the most classic positions, and it allows sexual intercourse at a very intimate level with touch as the main character.  That is why it's one of the best positions for Taurus, and in this situation, you can get to the orgasm with a lot of pleasure in full connection with a Taurus.

This position is commonly known as "The Spoon," and it makes the woman feel protected because she is protected by her lover's body, and the man as the protector but without being controlling. The position is straightforward and you don't need elasticity or balance. The woman lies on her side and puts her legs together, and she bends them, as in the fetal position. The man, behind her, will adopt the same position hugging her while he begins penetrating her.  

The key to getting to the climax in this position are the arms: while he penetrates her softly, the man can touch her hair, her neck, her breasts and even stimulate her clitoris. Looking for the erogenous parts while kissing her back or her neck, or whispering in her ear, will be ideal to find the connection and get to the orgasm. 

2. The Missionary

This traditional position is perfect for the natives of this sign. As traditional and straightforward that it can seem, a Taurus will know how to take advantage of it because it provides them with a lot of advantages to their personality.

The most important thing about this position is that it allows a direct connection with the other person. Not many sexual positions are as sincere, honest and close than this one, in which they both look at each other.  There's not much to discover about the missionary: The woman lies down face up and the man, on top of her, penetrates her, and they make love either embraced or with the man holding on her arms. So they are looking at each other constantly. 

Apart from the security and the comfort that the missionary provides them,  Taurus loves this positionbecause they have free hands  to caress her breasts, her hair, hold on her hips or just embrace her. The same as for her, who has her hands to caress his back or hold on her bottom. It also allows something that they love: kiss her partner while penetration is taking place. 

At any given time, moreover, the man may incorporate the woman until both sit in front of each other and continue to make love in this position.

3. The "69"

Let's talk about oral sex. When Taurus has reached full confidence with their lover, they go for the preliminary phases, which allow them a full knowledge of the other person's body. Taurus is very fond of masturbation and oral sex, as a prelude to penetration.

Among the great variety, there is in oral sex, the one that meets Taurus' needs is "69", in which the man lies down face up and the woman is on top of him but the other way around, so his genitals are where her mouth is and vice-versa. This way, Taurus feels sure, in a traditional position in which they have their hands free to masturbate each other if they want apart from the oral sex. 

But Taurus won't limit themselves to this; they will touch and caress all parts of the other person's body while stimulating their genitals with their mouth. He can caress her legs, ass, even her back, while she caresses her testicles and thighs with a measured dose of passion and eroticism.

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