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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Virgo

What is Virgo like in bed and which positions they feel more comfortable with

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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Virgo | iSTOCK

Although their name may come to misunderstandings, Virgo has nothing virginal. We are talking about people with a great attraction because of their sensuality, well-known for a powerful appeal. As sex is an instinctive reflex of personality, in bed, they are perfectionist and exigent, although sometimes it's difficult for them to give themselves completely to their lovers. Let's see which distinctive features make them special and what are the best positions for Kamasutra for Virgo.

What is Virgo like in bed?

It might have happened to you when you found yourself with a Virgo in bed: the first experience is deceiving. Their coldness, however, doesn't have anything to do with innocence or inexperience. On the contrary: we are talking about a sing with an incredible talent to give pleasure and who can make us have the best moments in bed.  However, when they don't feel confident enough, their libido falls and they enter the terrain of mediocrity.

To arouse the appetite and fury of a Virgo, therefore, we must give them security. And the key is to analyze what their needs are and don't miss a single detail. Above all, keep in mind that Virgo gives great importance to order and physical appearance, therefore giving the best image of oneself.

When we've got a Virgo in bed and we have given them the comfort space so they let themselves go, we will have the opportunity of enjoying a very pleasant sex. As you may have guessed, the preliminaries are an essential phase in which Virgo needs to feel that it's gaining confidence, so constant communication is also very important.  A secret: oral sex is within the preferences of a Virgo.

In the purely sexual relationship, however, Virgo is an earth element that, like Taurus or Capricorn, doesn't trust extreme sexual practices. A point in favor is that because of their meticulousness and detail they can be the most competent lovers and provide enormous pleasure. On the contrary, however, if you go too far and take them out of their comfort zone they will lose their confidence and the situation may end up boring.

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Virgo

Keeping in mind the peculiarities of Virgo, we're going to find out which are the most adequate positions of the Kamasutra so you can achieve pleasure.

1. Linked Vineyards

As a position of permanent contact and security, you'll be able to find in this position a comfort zone to achieve the maximum pleasure through intimacy. 

In this position, you're both lying down sideways and when penetration occurs you entangle the legs and you get lost in an embrace. As passion and the feeling of pleasure increase, the embrace is stronger and the thighs are pressed closer and closer with more intensity so that your bodies feel the motivation of excitement.  It's one of the positions that allow a better connection because the lovers can kiss and touch each other as they want. 

Another positive factor of this position is that you both have the freedom of movements and it allows keeping changing the position of your genitals (to experience different sensations) and also the position of your bodies.  Always keep in mind the erogenous areas, which on this occasion can be very helpful.

2. The Embrace of the Panda

It is a more innovative position, but that also allows for a huge wealth of sensations and emotions that will prevent you from feeling uncomfortable. On the contrary,  if you know how to enjoy this position little by little and with patience, you can get to have very pleasant sensations.

To do this positions lie down with your partner on the bed, one in front of the other but the other way round,  your head in their feet and their feet in your head. The woman passes her leg over the man's hip while he, grabbing her bottom, penetrates her and controls the penetration movements. 

It's a position that can be very exciting if both of you let yourself go. He can touch her legs and bottom with his hands, putting tactile eroticism into practice,  while she does it with the bottom part of the man. Arrived at a point of confidence and security, you can stimulate the anus to reach the maximum pleasure.

From time to time, to comfort and excite you even more, you can raise the trunk and continue the penetration while you look at each other, so far from each other, and at the same time so close.

3. On the edge of the bed

If what you need is security and some calm in the preliminaries,  but 69 doesn't give you visual contact and the traditional position starts boring you a bit, try it on the edge of the bed.

If you are who is receiving the pleasure, the fact of being able to put the feet on the ground will give you some stability and security, what will get you to relax and devote yourself only to enjoy good oral sex. In some moments you can also incorporate yourself to observe how they do it, which always excites us a little more.  Then you can go back to lying down and abandoning yourself in your fantasies while you feel the pleasure of their tongue.

If you are the one who gives the pleasure, then there's little to say, Virgo, because you are an expert in this. Use all your perfectionism so you don't miss any detail. Take your time, without any hurry, and don't abandon until the other person gets to the climax.  While you do it you can play with your look, or use your hands to stimulate their thighs, their testicles or if you're looking for something more romantic and profound, hold their hands. 

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