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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Sagittarius

What are Sagittarius like in bed and which positions do they feel more comfortable with

A man and a woman's silhouette in a sexual position
The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Sagittarius | iSTOCK

You're lucky to find yourself with a Sagittarius in bed if what you want is to have some fun. We are facing a sign of fire that  in addition to a high sexual voltage combines with much ingenuity its animal side with the passionate search for the spiritual.  This dualism makes it an interesting and enigmatic sign, from which, if you know it well, you can get a lot out of them. Let's see which their weaknesses in bed are and which the three best Kamasutra positions for Sagittarius are.

What is Sagittarius like in bed?

The Sagittarius sign is determined by its regent and by its representation,  and from these two elements, we can understand better how they behave in bed.

Sagittarius is ruled by planet Jupiter, who takes its name from the King of the Gods in the Roman mythology, well known for its wild sexual appetite. Jupiter lurked in everything that moved (goddesses, aristocrats, plebeians, nymphs, men) with the simple objective of experiencing pleasure. So here we have the first feature of Sagittarius: its developed sense of pleasure.  For Sagittarius, sex is a very important part of life and they want to experience it completely.   Very influenced by their personality, they will process pleasure through fun, adventure, and wit.   

On the other hand, however, we have to contradict the idea that, as happens with other fire signs, Sagittarius only care for carnal pleasure. Their representation makes them a dual sign: the figure of the centaur, half man half horse. While the lower part is represented by sexual power and the animal instinct, the upper part is ruled by the human body that shoots their bow in order to conquer the spiritual world.  So, at the same time that they enjoy sex, the natives of this sign need to reach the fullness of the relationship in its most abstract aspect. A strange but very attractive combination of passion and lust with spirituality and romanticism. 

Sagittarius' weaknesses are their legs, so they need to feel kisses, caresses, massages and other sensations in the lower part of their body like legs and gluteus.  Because of their imagination and inventive capacity, their audacity and their desire to have fun, Sagittarius get along with Gemini, Pisces, and Leo.

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Sagittarius

Let's see which sexual activities are the best ones according to the peculiarities of this versatile and passionate sign, which could be the best Kamasutra positions for the centaur-archer:

1. Ascent to Desire

When you want to boost your most human side, the most affectionate, the most spiritual, then you have to go for these kinds of positions that offer you direct visual contact with your lover  and a pleasant penetration without the need of being wild.

To do the position of the "Ascent to desire", the man has to be standing up (Sagittarius likes positions that escape the conventionality of the bed) while the woman, in front of him, is in suspension in his hands and she gets hold of his neck. He has the control of the movements and everything falls on the strength of his legs, well anchored to the ground.  The penetration will be as deep as he wants it to be, and as fast as he can or the strength of his arms let him.

However, it's not a position thought to have wild sex. It's rather that, using an unconventional position, both lovers maintain a human and passionate connection, because her arms are linked in a very romantic way, and both look at each other and get excited in unison. On the other hand, it's a metaphor of Sagittarius' ascent to the spiritual, in this case, the ascent of their partner to the climax.

2. The Satyr

If instead, you need to let your animal side loose, this is your ideal position: "The satyr". It's complicated to do and requires strength from the man.   Their comfort, rather limited. But it's ideal to unleash the most primal instincts.

In an instinctive rapture, the man raises the woman by the legs with her back to him, so that they are left without visual contact looking in the same direction. The woman is in suspension and the man takes her down to his penis to perform the penetration. The sexual act takes place in a very short space of time, with a frantic rhythm  while there is no more contact between both lovers than the fast and deep penetration.

If you are a Sagittarius woman, the best position for you is the following: Both standing up, one in front of the other, raise one leg and put it on his shoulder.  He will flex his legs until he finds the ideal point to penetrate. These are very acrobatic positions that require muscle tension but, you know Sagittarius, without fun and imagination there is no pleasure.

3. 69 on a chair

As it is easy to guess, for you sex doesn't start nor end in penetration. All the parts of the body and everything that you can do with them are part of the pleasure and fun. So, oral sex is one of your strong points. 

Although we think that in oral sex everything is invented or that it doesn't allow a lot of variations, it's totally the opposite. When it's about giving us pleasure with the mouth, we can try very different acrobatics that make the situation more spicy and exciting. For example, it's very exciting for a Sagittarius like you to do oral sex with an eye mask, or tied to a bed.  That awakens your most imaginative side.

When it comes to positions, you can give free rein to one of the most fun, the 69, which allows the two of you to enjoy at the same time while facilitating the pleasure of exploration. A very interesting variant is that the woman rests her feet on a chair and is suspended upside down; the man holds her while he is incorporated above her body, and they can both perform oral sex while the muscles are tense.

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