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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Scorpio

What is Scorpio like in bed and which are the best Kamasutra positions for Scorpio

Man kissing woman on her neck during foreplay
The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Scorpio | iSTOCK

Scorpio competes with Leo and Aries in the fieriness championship. Sign of water, by its enormous magnetism it releases an irresistible attraction that hooks anyone for an unforgettable session of imaginative and voracious sex. It is characterized by total surrender and a sense of domination, but it demands exclusivity (it's a powerful and jealous sign), madness and daring. Let's get to know what the Scorpio natives are like in bed, and what the best Kamasutra positions are for them.

What is Scorpio like in bed?

Like the animal that represents it, Scorpio symbolizes the position of power from which it captures its preys with the deadly bite of its sting. And when someone falls into its hands, they can no longer escape,  so it's best to let themselves be seduced by that alpha male of sexuality. Of course, the experience won't leave them indifferent. Scorpio's sign symbolizes destruction and rebirth, and they are the same in bed:  capable of destroying their adversary to make them reborn and change their perspective of pleasure forever.

We are, without a doubt, talking about a master of the amatory art. And that's because Scorpio combines that sexual rage with a profound sentimental capacity like no one else does.  Their character is defined by personality and decision (few signs know precisely what they want in bed as Scorpio does), but also intellect and emotion. In this way we find ourselves before a very complete lover.

They want to be unique and feel unique, so if the slightest bit of jealousy appears, the game is over. From there they assume a position of authority, and it is tough to refute their space of control and dominance.  Their enormous magnetism makes us puppets at their mercy, and as we surrender to them, we enter a whirlwind of perversion channeled through the paths of imagination and heterodoxy. When we have reached the summit, they will open to us like a tender lover capable of transmitting the most beautiful emotions. In other words: Nothing will be the same after Scorpio

The natives of this sign will find in Aries and Leo a volcano to erupt with together and in Virgo and Libra the perfect lovers to give free rein to their imagination.  

The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Scorpio

Once you have your prey dazzled with the venom of your sting, you will be the king and master of the scene, so we give you an idea of what the best Kamasutra positions are for maximum pleasure.

1. Sodomy

Scorpio doesn't mess around, so it's better to bend to their will or to quit. Now, you have to know that  there is no one like them to try those things that you never dared and that you want so much. Their warmth and experience will envelop you in such a way that you will experience sensations that were unimaginable before.

Among the positions that Scorpio will enjoy the most (and therefore will also devote themselves to your total pleasure) is sodomy or anal sex. It is a taboo for many people, and not all of us are willing to give up specific paths of intimacy, but  if we manage to relax and surrender to the Scorpion King all our fearsmay come down on us (and pleasure will go up)

The most exciting way for a Scorpio is to lay his partner face down and put himself on top of her (both with their whole body stretched out). She will facilitate the entrance by opening her legs wide, and he will nail her sting with the necessary tenderness (at the exact moment there aren't many more patient and affectionate signs than Scorpio). You will feel dominated, excited and loved, in a new experience which he will enjoy.

2. The Scarf

As Scorpio has found his position of dominance and thinks that his lover is conquered, he will relax and seek equally pleasurable but more intimate and emotional positions.  At this point, Scorpio's communicative capacity comes into play.

A perfect transition position for these occasions is the scarf position. It doesn't follow the usual canons, and it achieves an intense penetration, for which the scorpions still feel attracted by being the dominant ones in an atypical situation. But this time,  they're both in front of each other, so the game of feelings has begun.

The man sits on the ground (Scorpios love the ground positions!) and stretches his legs, placing his hands on the ground behind his trunk. The woman lies on top of him in an inverted position, so that they are face to face, and she raises her legs to her shoulders. In this situation, she will take the reins, but Scorpio will seduce her tirelessly with his looks, his moans, his bites on her lips.

3. The Glowing Triangle

Now it's your turn, Scorpio woman, to seduce him.  But find the most original way to do it... Surprise him!

We often make the mistake of thinking, dear Scorpio, that dominance is based only on the position of authority, and that it's directly determined by an atavistic wildness. However, we were wrong and very wrong. The most exciting way to subdue our lover is subtly, intelligently and by treason. And that's what you're going to do with the position of the glowing triangle.

The position is very similar to the missionary position, and there is the deception. When he sees you lying down and thinks you're going to do the classic boring missionary posture, the moment you approach his penis you're going to raise your pelvis to catch his penis with your vagina and you'll start some synaptic movements that will make you have full control of the situation in a few seconds. If you are well lubricated and find the right inclination, penetration will be very pleasant, perfect for both of you to reach orgasm. 

Here is what a true Scorpio is: That is why it's among the best positions of the Kamasutra for you.

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