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The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Gemini

What is Gemini like in bed and which 3 Kamasutra positions they feel more comfortable with

A sensual man and woman in bed
The Three Best Kamasutra Positions for Gemini | iSTOCK

Gemini is the perfect lover for understanding each other in bed. You won't understand yourself better with no one, because Gemini likes loving and being loved, enjoying and giving pleasure. It's also a very communicative sign, they like expressing themselves when having sex and transmitting feelings beyond copulation. They are also people open to experimentation and innovation: they hate routine.  Let's get into detail to discover which are the best three Kamasutra positions for Gemini.

What is Gemini like in bed?

For Gemini, sex has to be a complete experience that goes beyond penetration and orgasms. We're talking about a very complex sign for which duality is part of a way of understanding life and the world. Therefore, Gemini rejects those sexual relationships in which there  is  an alpha male and a person submitted, or where the same positions are always made without the capacity for invention. On the contrary, it needs dynamic, daring and complemented sex, in which both lovers adopt all the roles and the sexual game is decisive.

One of the most important characteristics, also in sex, is communication. Even in a one night adventure, in fleeting sexual acts, Gemini needs to communicate, express, transmit. That's why it complements perfectly well with Libra and Aquarius, the air signs.

But first of all, the Gemini are like children, they have a childish spirit that they need to bring out from time to time. So if we are in bed with a Gemini we must be clear that they love games, excitement, even laughter (Why not?).  As a communicative and playful sign, we shouldn't be surprised if before getting on with it they focus on the preliminaries, where they can smell, lick, touch, caress...  This will take them to an ideal point of excitement.

The advantage of having a Gemini in front of us is that there's nothing bad in dominating, but then we have to let them have a moment of domination, and we shouldn't be afraid of proposing them new things.  Routine will end up boring you and they will lose interest. In fact, as a stable relationship sometimes it can get tired because you need new motivations and new incentives, which will test our inventive capacity.

The Best Kamasutra Positions for Gemini

Because of their versatility, they have a huge assortment of possibilities in bed. But let's see what the three best positions of the Kamasutra for Gemini can be.

1. The Erotic V

With a Gemini, you have to avoid the missionary, the doggy position, and all those very typical positions, and also those positions in which there is no visual contact between the two of you. Otherwise, boredom and dissatisfaction are assured.  We need to innovate, to look for positions that excite them and entertain them at the same time.

When the Gemini man wants to dominate, or the Gemini woman to be dominated, it's time to practice a complex position but one that will offer innovation and communication in equal parts, as well as a very deep penetration.

The man must sit on his own thighs, on top of which will also be the woman to get his penis in her vagina, but with her legs raised, which she will support on her lover's shoulders. The man will grab the woman from behind to keep her from falling backward, and she will hold on to his arms. In this case, everything depends on his strength, which is the dominant part.

While performing the penetration, very pleasing because of its depth, both are a few centimeters away, face to face, so that they can be visually aroused, transmit sensations, speak, smile mischievously. Gemini will be in his element, enjoying as never before. It's an acrobatic position that requires intensity in a short period of time.

2. The Fusion

When the masculine Gemini wants to give some space to his lover for domination, or when the Gemini woman wants to have the power, the best Kamasutra position for Gemini is the fusion. The woman will get to the orgasm quicker and more pleasant, and it will be her who sets the rhythm all the time. 

It's this position (unconventional) position they both sit in front of each other, the man with his legs spread and open, and she in the middle with her legs raised.  Then, she raises her bottom to facilitate penetration and the sexual act begins. Her legs are in total tension, so the penetration is much deeper.

Again, communication is a very important role, because both are face to face and they stimulate each other by seeing the other's excitement.  When she gets tired, or when they want to relax the situation and get closer, they can hug each other and get on to the lotus flower position, which is more calm and romantic.

3. Depth

This is a more conventional position, but ideal for those Gemini that like explosive relationships and that it means enjoying with the same intensity at the same time as their partner.  In fact, it's a perfect position for an encounter between two Geminis, because the peculiarity is that they both enjoy it with the same intensity, apart from having a face to face communication. 

The key that makes this position so exciting is that the penetration is as deep as possible (hence its name). The woman lies down and raises her legs (bending them as much as possible until they reach her own shoulders) so that his back and her bottom are slightly incorporated waiting for the man to penetrate her.  The whole weight of the man falls on the woman's body and the genitals are in contact without any obstacle.

In this position, they are both face to face and they can communicate and slightly vary the inclination and intensity at the same time. For a total connection, they both can hold hands.  Both will reach orgasm with the same ease, satisfying their mutual desire to please and be pleased.

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